Amazing Birthday Wishes That Can Make Your Colleague Smile


Sending a birthday wish for colleague is a common way to wish your colleague on their birthdays. But selecting the right birthday wishes for colleague could be quite difficult. It depends on the bond you share with your colleague. There are many different ways to wish your colleague a happy birthday, you can write amazing birthday wishes for colleague on a greeting card, post it on Facebook, or send through email, message. Now we would like to provide you several amazing birthday wishes for colleague that can make your colleague smile.

  • Congratulations, you are another year closer to retirement. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to a person I am really proud to call a partner!
  • Thank you for the leadership you have provided to our team over the last year and for pushing us to strive for excellence every day. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to a person that holds the Guinness Record for the longest lunch break ever! I’m kidding, but the way you make a half hour lunch last for an entire evening is really magnificent.
  • I wish the best birthday to my fantastic colleague! Have an amazing day!Amazing Birthday Wishes That Can Make Your Colleague Smile 1
  • I’m so grateful for working with such a wonderful colleague. Happy birthday and may you have a productive and successful year!
  • We’re so lucky to have such a wonderful colleague on our team. Happy birthday!
  • It’s really a pleasure working with you. Happy birthday!
  • I have been working for so long with other companies before, but it is only here that I found the best coworkers. I don’t know how to say thank you especially to you for your patience and hospitality. May God grant all your wishes. Have a wonderful birthday and I hope you like my birthday gift for you. Happiest Birthday!
  • In case you didn’t know, you are the most dedicated when it comes to work related stuffs. And I want you to know that I salute you for that. Continue to inspire all your coworkers including me. Have a blessed birthday and we wish you all good health and more blessings.Amazing Birthday Wishes That Can Make Your Colleague Smile 2
  • To the best team leader and a great adviser, happy birthday. It is a privilege to be working with you. Thank you for all the knowledge you have imparted with us. You treat us not only as your coworker but your family too. We are proud of you and thankful at the same time. Stay healthy and strong all the time. Happy Birthday.
  • It was really a blessing having you here working with us. Thank you for extending your hands to help us and to relieve our stress somehow. Thank God for sending us an angel like you. Happy Birthday!
  • Making us all happy during office hours means a lot and we want to thank you for that. I personally want to say that I appreciate you in any ways and I wish you a happy birthday. Take this time to take a rest and enjoy the whole day. Be as happy as you can be. Happy Birthday to you!
  • Working with anybody else would just be a drag. You make work a fun place. Happy birthday.Amazing Birthday Wishes That Can Make Your Colleague Smile 3
  • Today is a special day at work. I think they started serving sushi in the lunchroom. Just kidding! I know it’s your special day. Happy birthday!
  • Hoping you get a big promotion and an even bigger pay raise this year. You deserve it. Besides, it’s about time you picked up our lunch tab. Happy birthday!
  • Wishing “Happy Birthday” to you is a privilege. Working with you has shown me what dedication, honor, respect, hard work and professionalism mean and what they can accomplish. Happy birthday!
  • Happy to the Employee of the Month (in my books, at least). With a coworker like you, I don’t think I’ll ever have to look for another job. You make work more rewarding and, more than anything else, super fun.
  • Happy birthday! You are a great coworker and a great friend!
  • The best part about having a colleague like you who is more of a friend, is that I can be myself and never have to pretend. Happy birthday.

We hope that these amazing birthday wishes for colleague can be useful for you.  It will help you say happy birthday to your colleague in a meaningful way. Thanks for choosing our page find birthday wishes for colleague!