Beautiful Birthday Poems That You Can Send To Your Father


You love your father so much but you don’t get a chance to express all your feelings to your father every day. So his birthday is time for you to make him feel nice and happy. Why don’t you send him a beautiful birthday poem for father? We believe these beautiful birthday poems for father will bring tears of happiness to a dad’s eyes when he reads them. Let’s have a look ai these following beautiful birthday poems for father.
Poem 1
Happy Birthday to the Best Dad
A gentle and wonderful man,
The very best in his clan.
You were there with me in every grief and joy
What would I have done without you, Oh boy!
Today, on your birthday I ponder to reflect,
Every precious memory in my mind that I collect.
Poem 2
You are the fire in my eyes
The balm of my cries
The solace of my being
The one who gives me that cozy feeling
The warmth of my smile
Always inspiring my style
To such a wonderful dad today
I wish a happy birthdaybeautiful-birthday-poems-that-you-can-send-to-your-father-1
Poem 3
To My Father, On His Birthday
Dad, I cherish your birthday,
because when you were born,
I got a role model
to show me how a man should be.
Especially on your birthday,
I compare (myself/other men) to you.
I (aspire to/look for) your strength
in making hard decisions
that can’t be avoided.
I appreciate your good character,
your respect for others,
your willingness
to lend a helping hand
even if it’s incovenient for you.
On your birthday,
I’m so very grateful for your love,
a fatherly love that gives me
purpose and direction
as well as peaceful inner security.
Dad, on your birthday, let me just say…
there are no words to express
how grateful I am that you were born
and that you are my dad.
By Joanna Fuchsbeautiful-birthday-poems-that-you-can-send-to-your-father-2
Poem 4
Your footsteps in life
I hope to trail
Without you, everything would
Have been dull and pale
With you always watching over
I’m never afraid to fail
Life is beautiful and awesome
Just like a fairy tale
Happy birthday
Wishes for a Special Day
A man so genuine and true,
Can only be your dad with his love through.
Today is your special day
And I want to proclaim hard in every way.
I thank God for giving you to me,
And my love is what you will always seebeautiful-birthday-poems-that-you-can-send-to-your-father-3
Poem 5
One of the best things about birthdays
is the way they give us that little
extra push to say what we don’t
put into words often enough.
Things like how often you’re
thought of, Dad.
How much you’re appreciated and
how much your loved.
Happy Birthday, I Love You!
If you plan on sharing these beautiful birthday poems for father with your father, we are sure that you have a great relationship with him. These poems will help you tell your father how much you love him in a unique way.