Fantastic and Wonderful Birthday Toasts That You Are Looking for


We know that a birthday party cannot be perfect without birthday toasts. A birthday toast will help you lighten the lively atmosphere of the party. If you are finding some birthday toasts to speak in front of your family or your friends, we would like to introduce to you some fantastic and wonderful birthday toasts that we have collected. You are welcomed to choose the birthday toast that you like best to create a wonderful birthday party.
• May every day of yours be happier and richer than the last. Happy birthday!
• May the true secret of happiness, honor and success always be with you on your journey…today, on your special day, and all your tomorrows. Happy birthday!
• May you look forward with happiness, hope and wonder…and may you look back without regret or disappointment. Happy birthday!
• Happy birthday! Let yourself never flounder in following your direction in life, keeping your head up high, believing that all will work out as it should and, most of all, pursuing happiness wherever you are.Fantastic and Wonderful Birthday Toasts That You Are Looking for 1
• May your joy and wonder be free from the sting of remorse and regret. Have a great birthday!
• May your joys be as deep as the ocean and your misfortunes as light as a drop of water. Have an amazing birthday!
• As you know, I’m not a big drinker. In fact, you might say I’m a teetotaler. But I can’t think of a better reason to have a drink right now. Heck, I’d have a hundred drinks in your honor. So I want to raise a glass to you, my friend. Happy birthday! May I drink to you and your special day every year, for many years to come.
• Here’s to your health — may you live forever and one day. Here’s also to your happiness — may you live happily ever after. Last but not least, here’s to your success — may you live a rich life (in more ways than one). Happy birthday!Fantastic and Wonderful Birthday Toasts That You Are Looking for 2
• On behalf of everyone here, may the wonder of wishes and dreams be part of your day, every day for years and years. Have a wonderful birthday!
• May you have miles of smiles today, tomorrow and the coming years. Happy birthday!
• We wish only the best of everything you wish for and life has to offer you today and throughout the remainder of your days.
• Here’s to your health. May God bring you luck and may your birthday and future journey be smooth and happy. Happy birthday.
• To a great birthday, a great year and a great person! May this special day be your greatest! Cheers!
• May the frowns of misfortune and sadness never rob you of your innocence, joy and wonder. Have a great birthday!Fantastic and Wonderful Birthday Toasts That You Are Looking for 3
• Here’s to a happy birthday and a happy life! Be merry and let happiness be your dance partner, guide, truth and only vice.
• Happy birthday. May this coming year and the years that follow bring you the very height of happiness, health and fortune.
• Let’s all raise our glasses, drink up to our special guest of honor and wish him a very happy birthday! Happy birthday!
• You are a very special person. On this day, we wish you much health and prosperity, every day for the rest of your life. Here’s hoping you only enjoy all the best on your birthday.
• To a truly wonderful person: may each of your birthdays find you in good company…among good friends, family and very, very good food. Just like today!
We hope that these fantastic and wonderful birthday toasts will be handy for you. Your friends or family will be happy when they hear these birthday toasts. Share and enjoy it!


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