Heartfelt Birthday Poems for Your Treasured Son on His Birthday


Your treasured son’s birthday is coming, so why don’t you write special birthday poems for son on your son’s birthday card? It’s not too hard to choose great birthday poems for son that can make your son happy. We have several birthday poems for son that can remind him of all the happy memories and the funny moments that you have cherished as his mom and dad. We would like to provide you some heartfelt birthday poems for son on his birthday. And you should remember that he is never too old or too young for warm hugs, gifts and greetings from his mommy and daddy.

Poem 1
There will come a day
When you will get wings of your own
You will start seeing life’s realities
In a way that you had never known
The world is a nasty place, my son
But you can make it better
Don’t succumb to the negativity
Instead, just keep flying higher
Rise above and show ‘em how it’s done
Because no matter what you do
For us, you will always be number one
Happy birthdayHeartfelt Birthday Poems for Your Treasured Son on His Birthday 1
Poem 2
It seems with every Birthday
You’re loved a little more
For making each year brighter
Than the one that came before.
You have a way of making
Each day a special one
That’s why you’re wished a birthday
Filled with lots of love, dear Son.

Poem 3
We don’t know if we can call ourselves
Parents who are perfect in every way
But we are sure that we can call you
A son, who amazes day after day
We are not certain if we have achieved
Everything we wanted to so far
But all our shortcomings are negated
Because of the awesome son that you are
Happy birthdayHeartfelt Birthday Poems for Your Treasured Son on His Birthday 2
Poem 4
Your Birthday brings fond memories
Filled with warmth and joy
Happy thoughts of smiles you brought
When you were just a boy.
And though the years have changed some things
When all is said and done
You still bring smiles and happiness
You’re still a Special Son!
Happy Birthday SonHeartfelt Birthday Poems for Your Treasured Son on His Birthday 3
Poem 5

Happy Birthday, Son!

My Little Boy-You’re growing up!
Your birthday is today!
You used to be so small & short,
I thought you’d stay that way!

But up you grew! It went so fast…
And your “toys” are more expensive…
The more you grow, the more you want-
Your list is most extensive!

You look so handsome standing there,
So sweet & oh! so tall…
You tower over poor ole mom,
And make me feel so small!

Your legs grow longer every day,
Just like your lists of wants–
I’d like to buy you everything,
But, sorry, Son, I “con’t”!

It seems I’ve got a problem, Dear,
It’s one as big as you…
The reason I can’t buy it all…
Is-My bank account is wanting too!!

Author: Daffijill (Jill Neugebauer)
We hope that these heartfelt birthday poems for son can be helpful for you. It can help you express your love for your son and bring happiness to him on his special day. Thanks for visiting our page and have a nice day!


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