Meaningful Birthday Poems to Show Your Love to Your Grandma


Grandmothers are cute and adorable. They always care for their grandchildren and love them so much. Let’ make your grandma’s birthday become a special celebration with birthday wishes and gifts. Besides that, you can write a meaningful birthday poem for grandma on your own handmade greeting card to wish your grandma a happy birthday. Your effort will show her how much you love being her grandson or granddaughter. We would like to present you some meaningful birthday poems for grandma that we have collected.

Poem 1
A woman so graceful
So fine and beautiful
A woman with a penchant
For everything elegant
A woman with poise
And refined choice
My dear grandmother
Like you, there is no other
Happy birthdayMeaningful Birthday Poems to Show Your Love to Your Grandma 1

Poem 2
Kids who don’t have grandmas
Would never come to know
How life without one
Can be so dull and low
Kids who haven’t seen
A grandma’s love and care
Of life’s sweetest emotions
Would never be aware
But God has give me
No such chance to complain
Thanks Heavens, I have you
Else I would have gone insane
Happy birthdayMeaningful Birthday Poems to Show Your Love to Your Grandma 2

Poem 3

Happy Birthday Grandma

Happy Birthday, Grandma
It’s your special day
You show us how you love us
In so many ways

You make us feel like stars
You’re our biggest fan
You cheer and clap the loudest
When we do the best we can

You’re always up for fun
And ready for us to laugh
Crazy games of dominoes and spoons
Are always a good time with Grandma

You make us feel special with lots of hugs and treats
Like we’re the most important in the world
We think you’re very sweet.Meaningful Birthday Poems to Show Your Love to Your Grandma 3

Poem 4
Grandma, you are so special
And you make ME feel special too!
These are some of the reasons why
I wish a Happy Birthday to you!

Poem 5
I love you Nanny/Grandma such a lot
You mean the world to me
You’re patient, kind and full of fun
And thoughtful as can be
You help me out and give advice
You’re there when times are bad
You buy me treats and things I need
And hug me when I’m sad.
But best of all, we’re special pals
And as today’s for you
It seems the perfect time to say
‘You’re Wonderful’…it’s true!
We hope that these birthday poems for grandma can help you say happy birthday to your grandma in a meaningful way. Don’t hesitate to visit your grandma and spend some time with her!


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