The Collection Of Heartfelt Birthday Poems For Your Boyfriend On His Birthday


Sometimes words cannot express all the feelings that we want to express, especially the feelings of love. Are you looking for some birthday poems for boyfriend to send to your boyfriend on his birthday? So you can find the collection of heartfelt birthday poems for boyfriend here. These heartfelt birthday poems for boyfriend can express what you want to say with him remind him of all happy memories that he and you have shared together.
Poem 1

I Celebrate You

Today I celebrate you.
On this special day when you entered the world,
How was I to know you’d rock my world?
Your smile, your touch, the way you love me,
I never knew……until you
What a relationship could be.
So I celebrate you.
My friend, my love.
I celebrate you.
The beautiful person that you are.
I celebrate you.
Because I’m the lucky one, by far.
So as you celebrate one more year.
I’m celebrating you, my precious dear.
I love you.
Birthday Poems by K.Y.Bthe-collection-of-heartfelt-birthday-poems-for-you-boyfriend-on-his-birthday-1

Poem 2
Happy birthday to my love!
A sea around my heart:
Part shelter, part enduring word,
Part mirror of my art.
You are the calm that drains my rage,
Bliss upon my shores,
Immensity immutable,
Rush that life restores.
To you I wish to be a welcome
Harbor for your ocean,
Destiny and origin,
Aim of your affection,
Yearning of your motion.

Poem 3

I love to feel your hand upon my skin
I love to feel your breath upon my chin
I love to bask myself in you
And feel your heart, beat so true
I love to feel your hand caress
I love to feel your heart beat in my chest
I love to feel your every sigh
I love that twinkle in your eye
I love to feel your love
I love to be in your arms, being huggedthe-collection-of-heartfelt-birthday-poems-for-you-boyfriend-on-his-birthday-2

Poem 4


Know one of my favorite things
about our life together?
It’s the fact that you’re my partner
and we’re a team.
I’m always glad
I’ve got you by my side.
Together, we make it through
the hard days….the easy days…..
the crazy days….the funny days.
There’s nothing that can stop us
as long as we have each other….
as long as I have you to love.

Happy Birthdaythe-collection-of-heartfelt-birthday-poems-for-you-boyfriend-on-his-birthday-3

Poem 5

I shall not cry return, return
Nor wipe my tears away
But just as long as sunset burns
And dawn makes no delay
I shall become lonesome, I shall miss
Your hands, your voice,
Your smile, your kiss.
Not often shall I speak your name
For what would strangers care?
That once a sudden tempest came
And swept my garden bare
And you were gone and in your place
Stood silence with her lifted face.
Not always shall this parting be
For though I travel slow
I, too, may claim eternity
And find the way you go
I do my task and patiently wait
The opening of the outer gate.
If you like these heartfelt birthday poems for boyfriend, you can choose the one you like most to send to him. We believe that your love will stay forever in his heart. Thanks for visiting our page and have a nice day!


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