The Collection Of Lovely Birthday Toasts That You Need For A Interesting Birthday Party


Birthday is a special event of each person. It is the time to celebrate with family and friends, and wish for better things. A birthday party cannot be perfect without birthday toasts. Before raising the glass, we love hearing lovely birthday toasts. Birthday toasts will make the party become more funny and interesting. Right here the list of lovely birthday toasts that we want to introduce to you. If you like them, feel free to use them.
• As you travel through life, may your troubles be as few and as far apart as my Grandma’s teeth.
• Although another year is past .He’s/She’s no older than the last!
• Here’s to getting older, getting wrinkles, getting age spots, getting jowls, getting anything but the acne we had as teenagers! Happy birthday!
• Another candle on your cake?
Well, that’s no cause to pout,
Be glad that you have strength enough
To blow the damn thing out. the-collection-of-lovely-birthday-toasts-that-you-need-for-a-interesting-birthday-party-1
• The good die young, so here’s hoping that you may live to a ripe old age, being a bad, bad man. Happy birthday!
• Another year older? Think this way: Just one day older than yesterday!
• A health, and many of them. Birthdays were never like this when I had ’em.
• God grant you many and happy years,
Till, when the last has crowned you,
The dawn of endless days appears,
And heaven is shining round you!-Oliver Wendell Holmes
• As Mark Twain once said, “When you ascend the hill of prosperity, may you not meet a friend.” Happy birthday and happy trails, my friend!the-collection-of-lovely-birthday-toasts-that-you-need-for-a-interesting-birthday-party-2
• Happy birthday to you
And many to be,
With friends that are true
As you are to me!
Here’s to you! No matter how old you are, you don’t look it!
• May you be happy on your birthday and every day of your life…and may your enemies know it.
• I’ve heard it said many times that wisdom comes with age. I must say I’m not convinced…I know lots of stupid middle-aged and old people. As of today, you don’t fall into this group but I’m watching you. Happy birthday.
• For your birthday, I have two wishes for you: may you celebrate with a bottle of 25-year-old single malt scotch and a 25 year old.
We believe with these lovely birthday toasts, the party will become warmer and happier. Don’t hesitate to pick one. Share and enjoy it!


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