The Collection of Romantic Birthday Toasts for Your Sweetheart


Birthday party is never perfect without the birthday toasts. So if you want to make your sweetheart’s birthday party become perfect, you can raise romantic birthday toasts to your sweetheart. It can make him/her so surprised. Here you can have a look at our collection of romantic birthday toasts for your sweetheart that we have collected. These birthday toasts will let him/her know how deep your love is. Feel free to share and enjoy it.
• Here’s to the prettiest, sweetest, and truest of all. You are my sweet love – past, present, and future. Happy birthday.
• Let this be the year we come closer, know each other more and possibly make our vows to each other. Happy birthday!
• They say that it is impossible to find love at first sight. I did and I still experience it every day. Happy birthday!
• You are my best mistake, my favorite error, the best turn I could have ever made! Happy birthday my love!
• To my friend, my love, partner, encourager and soul mate…happy birthday!
• You are the true definition of a soul mate. I would never ask for more! Happy birthday!
• Here’s a glorious toast to your birthday because you are everything to me, and today is all about you. Happy birthday, baby.
• We have lived and learned. I love your perfect imperfections. Happy birthday!The Collection of Romantic Birthday Toasts for Your Sweetheart 1
• You will always be my greatest joy, my greatest strength, my greatest gift, and my greatest love of all time. I love you and best wishes.
• You’re sexy, smart, and oh so true. So with great happiness, I’ll drink to you. Best wishes, honey – I love you.
• Here’s to our future. While love resides in our hearts, we’ll always feel the joy, fire, and innocence of youth and never grow old. Happy birthday.
• The cure for love is to love even more. No remedy exists that can cure the way I feel about you. I will love you always, happy birthday.
• Love is a retreat – a refuge from the rest of the world. With you in my arms, my love, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you and share everything it offers together.
• I’ve known a few, and not liked many, but loved just one, so this toast is for you honey. You are the only one for me – forever. Happy birthday.The Collection of Romantic Birthday Toasts for Your Sweetheart 2
• Take these words to heart on your birthday: Love is a reminder that nothing else matters or can compare. Happy birthday, my love. You are what matters to me.
• As the great Edgar Allan Poe put it: We loved with a great love that was more than just love. That’s you and me – a great love. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
• If you’re relationship is good, even if the world is crumbling around you, life is still good. Life is good with you my love. Happy birthday.
• My love, may you live forever. May I never die. May I love you for eternity. Happy birthday, my darling!
• Here’s a toast to our future. With the immense love in our hearts, we will always feel the innocence, joy and fire of youth …and never grow old, no matter how many years come and go.
• When it comes to you, I’m sick with love and there’s no cure for it. There’s no antidote for how I feel about you, so I have no choice but to love you even more. Happy birthday, darling.The Collection of Romantic Birthday Toasts for Your Sweetheart
• It’s been said that love is a safe haven from the ills and chaos of the world. Truer words have never been spoken, because you, my darling, have always been my refuge. Happy birthday! I love you.
• I know I’m not supposed to make a big deal about your birthday, but you’re a big deal to me. I would even say that you’re the biggest deal in my life. I love you, honey! In the great words of Tom Cruise, you complete me! I’m glad you think I’m a big deal, too! Happy birthday, sweetheart!
• To sweet intoxication! You are just the right amount of sweetness, spice, exotic aroma and flavor that leaves me thirsty for more. Happy birthday, my love!
• On your birthday, I offer you these sweet words: “Never higher than you. Never lower than you. Constantly next to you. Always love you. Happy birthday, sweetie!
We hope that our collection of romantic birthday toasts can useful for you. It can help you bring happiness to your lover and create a happy atmosphere at the party. Thanks for choosing our page to find birthday toasts!


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