The Collection Of Sweet Birthday Poems For Your Boyfriend


On your boyfriend’s birthday, you want to write for him something special and unforgettable. So why don’t you choose sweet birthday poems for your boyfriend to send him. So now we would like to introduce to you the collection of sweet birthday poems for your boyfriend.the-collection-of-sweet-birthday-poems-for-your-boyfriend-1

You are my Love Forever

On this birthday,
Let me express my love,
You are forever so true,
With you everything looks new,
My love may you always stay blessed,
You are always better than the rest,
Happy birthday!

You Are My Prince

Once in a lifetime you meet someone new,
Who comes into your life, totally out of the blue.
And then, you begin to believe life is a fairytale,
Beautiful, wonderful, worth living and insane.
Thank you for being my prince!
Happy Birthday.the-collection-of-sweet-birthday-poems-for-your-boyfriend-2

You Are My Sunshine

Even on my worst day, you make me happy and glad,
You make me forget every reason that makes me sad.
To me, you are the sunshine on a dark day,
Please always love me just like this, I pray.
Happy Birthday to my dearest one.

Long Distance Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

I trouble you with a million questions,
And you patiently give me a hundred suggestions.
Love, where else can I find a gem like you,
Who adores me with feelings so true.
It breaks my heart to be away for your birthday,
But I am sending a part of me on your special day
Happy Birthday Love!the-collection-of-sweet-birthday-poems-for-your-boyfriend-3

It’s my Love’s Birthday

You are my true hero,
Do you know why you are so special to me? I don’t know why,
There is nothing beyond you that I can see,
I think I love you a lot,
You are always in my thought,
Let me wish you on your special day,
A very happy birthday!

We believe these sweet birthday poems for your boyfriend will be helpful for you. Don’t hesitate to choose a sweet birthday poem for your boyfriend to send all your love to him.