Genuine and Thoughtful Birthday Wishes That Can Bring Happiness to Your Wife


Every year birthdays come and go. But there are some that leave a deep mark on the mind. What makes those birthdays memorable? May be it is the gift, the wishes or the way it is celebrated that leaves an unforgettable mark on the mind of the person wished. So if your wife’s birthday is coming nearly, let’s choose the genuine and thoughtful birthday wishes for wife to make her happy and never forget! This time we would like to introduce to you some genuine and thoughtful birthday wishes for wife that we have collected.
• Happy Birthday, my wife! Today we celebrate and you are not allowed to lift a finger. Dinner, laundry and cleaning will be taken care of…put your feet up and enjoy your day!
• Happy Birthday to the one that still makes my heart skip a beat and my stomach do somersaults when she enters a room. I am so proud and blessed to be able to call you my wife!
• “What’s in a name? That which we call a wife by any other name would smell like bundt cake.” I may not be Shakespeare and I might not look like Magic Mike but I am your husband and that suits me just right. I love you! Happy Birthday, my sweet!
• You are so lucky to have me as your husband…but not as lucky as I am to have you as my beautiful, thoughtful, intelligent wife! Happy Birthday, my love!Genuine and Thoughtful Birthday Wishes That Can Bring Happiness to Your Wife 1
• You are the best boss a husband could ever want! Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! Do I have any vacation or sick days left? I love you!
• Happy Birthday! Thank you for saying ‘Yes!’ and coming along with me on this wild ride called life. I wouldn’t want to take it with anyone else but you!
• Happy Birthday to you! You don’t look a day over…26……19..?? I love you and your eternal youth! You grow more beautiful with each passing year.
• Happy Birthday to my hot & sexy wife!!! Love, Your very own Mr. Grey
• I would volunteer as Tribute for you, my darling. May the odds forever be in your favor. Happy Birthday!Genuine and Thoughtful Birthday Wishes That Can Bring Happiness to Your Wife 2
• I wake up every morning and thank the good Lord for Him bringing you into my life. Jerry Maguire said it best ‘you complete me’. Happy Birthday, my beautiful wife. I love you always and forever.
• Beautiful wife, you are. Happy Birthday, it is. This light sabre, I gift you. Love, Your Jedi
• Roses are red. Violets are blue. I think my wife is awesome and pretty great in bed too! Happy Birthday, beautiful!
• Wife, for your birthday I have decided to give you something you have been wanting and pleading for years for. I hereby swear to no longer take my iPhone into the bathroom. See, my love for you knows no bounds!
• Tonight you can be the big spoon, sweetheart. Happy Birthday!Genuine and Thoughtful Birthday Wishes That Can Bring Happiness to Your Wife 3
• Happy Birthday, my beautiful wife! How about tonight we go eat at that Chinese vegan restaurant you love, have a Downton Abbey marathon and then after that stroll down to that little coffee shop for the poetry reading—-said no man EVER!!
• There are only 2 absolutes in this world. Chuck Norris is the biggest badass in Hollywood and my love for you is infinite. Happy Birthday!
• Happy Birthday to the woman I am deliriously crazy in love with… and always will be committed to you.
• I felt like I opened a Wonka bar and found my golden ticket when I met you. Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife. I look forward to the many wonderful, scrumdiddlyumptious years ahead.Genuine and Thoughtful Birthday Wishes That Can Bring Happiness to Your Wife 4
• If Doc Brown pulled up alongside me in his time machine and asked where & when I wanted to go….the day we 1st met so I could fall in love with you all over again (& then I’d probably ask to go back to the Wild West—who wouldn’t want to rob a bank with Wild Bill Hickok?!). Happy Birthday, wife.
• Today, I’m going to shower you with hugs, kisses and lots of presents. Feel free to live like a queen. Celebrate! You deserve the best on your special day and every day. Happy birthday, honey!
• Wishing you as many wishes as you want, as much as joy as you can stand and more love than you ever imagined on your special day. Happy birthday, sweetie.
• Happy birthday to my honey bunch of joy, my sweet nectar of love, my beautiful wife, my life!
We believe that these genuine and thoughtful birthday wishes for wife can help you say “ Happy birthday” to your wife in a romantic way. So now don’t hesitate to let her know how special she is to you. Thanks for choosing our page to find birthday wishes for wife!