Great and Interesting Birthday Wishes to Make Your Colleague Surprised


Sending a birthday wish for colleague is a professional way to wish your colleague on their birthdays. But selecting the right birthday wishes for colleague could be quite difficult. It depends on the bond you share with your colleague. There are many different ways to wish your colleague a happy birthday, you can write an interesting birthday wish for colleague on a greeting card, post it on Facebook, or send through email, message. Now we would like to provide you several great and interesting birthday wishes for colleague that can make your colleague surprised.
• You are such fantastic colleague ever to work with. I wish you happy birthday and pleasant years ahead.
• It is a pleasure to have you as a co-worker. But it gives me more pleasure to greet you on your special day. Happy Birthday!
• You have always been part of the working team and I am glad to that we are colleagues. Happy Birthday!
• Birthdays come only once a year so let me wish you not only a happy birthday but also a happy workday.
• May you have a lighter and more manageable workload today to give you time to celebrate your birthday.Great and Interesting Birthday Wishes to Make Your Colleague Surprised 1
• A sympathetic colleague like you should never be ignored especially during your birthday. I wish that all of your dreams will come true today and for always.
• Not all employees get perks at work. Mine comes in the form of working with fun colleagues like you. Happy Birthday!
• It’s really a pleasure working with you.
• We’re so lucky to have such a wonderful colleague on our team.
• Wishing you a happy birthday and a light workload on your special day.
• Warm wishes for a great co-worker.Great and Interesting Birthday Wishes to Make Your Colleague Surprised 2
• Working with you is one of my favorite perks. You rank right up there with paid holidays and coffee breaks.
• Happy birthday, now stop reading this card and get back to work.
• If you were expecting a big bonus and a promotion for your birthday, you’re going to be disapointed because all you’re getting is a big cake and this card.
• The only reason why I came into the office today was to wish you a happy birthday. It certainly wasn’t for the money!
• Nobody stretches a lunch hour like you.
• I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. Happy birthday.Great and Interesting Birthday Wishes to Make Your Colleague Surprised 3
• I have always enjoyed my coffee breaks especially when I take them with you. Let’s have coffee to celebrate your birthday.
• I hope you can meet all your goals and may the Lord always bless you with health so you can enjoy all your loved ones. Congratulations on your birthday.
• I know it’s your birthday but aren’t you taking a bit longer reading my greeting? Let’s get back to work for now but later, let’s paint the town red. Happy Birthday!
• You’re a real professional and a great friend, too. You deserve to be happy on your special day. Happy birthday! Hoping all your wishes come true.
• When we work together, everything seems better. Happy birthday!
We hope that these birthday wishes for colleague can be useful for you. It will help you say happy birthday to your colleague in a meaningful way. Thanks for choosing our page find birthday wishes for colleague!