Heartfelt Birthday Poems for Your Lovely Daughter on Her Birthday


If your love for your daughter is special, so you should send your message on her birthday in a perfect way. Forget the cheesy quotes on stock greeting cards from the supermarket shelves. Write your own heartfelt birthday poems for daughter in a handwritten letter or a cute little note. Whether your daughter is an innocent little girl, bubbly preteen, rebellious teenager or a mature young woman – give her a reason to believe that her mother and father are more than just nagging parents who are always pushing her to do well in life. You can have a look at the heartfelt birthday poems for daughter below.

Poem 1

It’s so good to know someone special, who shares,

My secrets, my laughter, my dreams and my cares,

Someone through good times and bad, when there’s tears,

It’s so good to know you (Jenny), my daughter and friend…

… through the years,

Happy Birthday

Poem 2

To a beautiful daughter

With a passion for fashion.

You do so many thoughtful things

For others through the year,

You have a way of lifting spirits

And filling hearts with cheer.

So I know this day’s just perfect

To make a wish for you,

For all the good things you deserve

Each day the whole year through.

Happy birthday!  Heartfelt Birthday Poems for Your Lovely Daughter on Her Birthday 1

Poem 3

The light of my soul

The glow on my face

The joy of my life

The essence of my grace

The peace of my mind

The cheer in my demeanor

Is only because

Of my dearest daughter

Happy birthdayHeartfelt Birthday Poems for Your Lovely Daughter on Her Birthday 2

Poem 4

The day of beautiful memories

That we will cherish lifelong

The reason that our life

Has become a melodious song

A day for great celebration

When a beautiful girl was born

In our lives which marked

The end of being forlorn

We wish you a happy birthday

As we once again recollect

How our lives after your birth

Have become totally perfectHeartfelt Birthday Poems for Your Lovely Daughter on Her Birthday 3

Poem 5

A Daughter Like You

You’re my daughter,

and I’d just like to say,

You bring me joy,

each and every day.


Whenever I think,

or look at you,

I know I’m blessed,

that’s wonderfully true.


You’re very special,

thoughtfully care,

A helping hand,

always willing to share.


You’re always determined,

to achieve what’s in your mind,

Thinking of others,

you’re actions are kind.


I shall admit,

we’re a wonderful team,

To have a daughter like you,

was my ultimate dream.

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