The Collection of Beautiful and Touching Birthday Wishes for Husband


Women are not the only ones that enjoy feeling special on their birthdays. Men also enjoy feeling important, appreciated, and special on their birthday. Gifts are not enough to tell your husband how you feel about him and how deep your love is. Words are needed to share your feelings. The touching birthday wishes for husband can easily capture the feeling you have toward your husband. So we would like to introduce to you the collection of beautiful and touching birthday wishes for husband that we have collected.
• Mr. Grey, Happy Birthday. The beautifully wrapped gift of duct tape, whips, and handcuffs probably shouldn’t be opened in front of our kids and your parents… and video camera. Love, Mrs. Grey
• Husband, I hope you have a mind-blowing birthday! You deserve to have a spectacular day.
• My name is Inigo Montoya. Prepare to have a Happy Birthday. A very Happy Birthday.
• I don’t know how to put this but…’re kinda a big deal today. It’s your birthday…and we shall celebrate by giving us both the gift of being extraordinarily hungover tomorrow! Happy Birthday, husband!The Collection of Beautiful and Touching Birthday Wishes for Husband 1
• Before you blow out those candles and make that wish just remember that if that wish revolves around Kate Upton and it miraculously happens to come true…….I’m keeping the house, the dog, the car, the lawnmower, the tools…..Happy Birthday.
• Your birthday only comes once a year so make it fantastic. I love you to Pluto and back…(Yes, kinda sad we’re old enough to remember when Pluto was a planet…poor Pluto.)
• When I was a little girl I would always pretend to be a bride. It was such a wonderful dream…but reality is infinitely better than anything I could’ve dreamed of…you’re incredible and I hope your birthday is wonderful. Happy Birthday, my love.
• Happy Birthday, Peanut Butter. I am nuts about you! Love, JellyThe Collection of Beautiful and Touching Birthday Wishes for Husband 2
• Happy Birthday to my best friend, soul mate, entertainer, counselor, partner-in-crime, getaway driver, better half….also known as my dear husband. I love you and I hope your birthday exceeds all expectations you’ve pretended not to have.
• I know you would be satisfied with my gift of love, hugs and kisses for your birthday. But since you’re extra special, I’m adding a great party so you can enjoy the day with your family and friends. Happy Birthday!
• My love for you has survived the test of time. As you celebrate your birthday today, I want you to know that you mean the world to me husband. Happy Birthday!
• Thank you dear husband for being a good provider and for always being there for me and the kids. I know how you struggle everyday to make sure that we live a comfortable life. Happy Birthday!The Collection of Beautiful and Touching Birthday Wishes for Husband 3
• This is that special time of the year when I can really show you how much I love you dear husband. So let’s leave all the worries behind and celebrate your birthday.
• Beloved husband, trusted friend, I look to you again and again. For your love, for your light, I celebrate you today. May your birthday be bright.
• Today is more than a celebration for you. For me, I celebrate that you are here to be in my life. Happy birthday!
• I searched the world over for my other half, today on your birthday, I am glad that I found you.
• No matter where you are, or what you doing, remember on your birthday that I will always be right there beside you.The Collection of Beautiful and Touching Birthday Wishes for Husband 4
• On your birthday, I remember all the times I’ve lived, laughed, and loved, and know that they’ve all been with you.
• Birthdays are more than just for counting the years, they are counting the years I have known you and have loved you.
• I love having someone in my life that makes me laugh until I pee, cry until I’m dripping snot, get mad until you make me laugh AND cry! I love you and I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are, my husband.
• If I had a magic wand I would conjure up a birthday cake 20 feet high, with beer flavored frosting and filled with Doritos. I would give you lifetime VIP seats to every Super Bowl Game for the rest of your life. I would also wish you an even better year than last year.. Happy Birthday, from me to you. Love, Wife
• Let’s put a smile on that face! It’s your birthday! Let’s go a little crazy. Happy Birthday, Husband or should I call you………Batman?
We hope that our collection of beautiful and touching birthday wishes for husband can be useful for you. With these touching birthday wishes for husband, your husband will never forget your love for him. Thanks for visiting our page!