The Collection of Interesting and Humorous Birthday Quotes


People look forward to their birthday because it just happens once a year. So instead of sending birthday wishes on your beloved one’s birthday, why don’t you send interesting and humorous birthday quotes to make them feel interested and happy? We believe that sending birthday quotes is also a good way to say “Happy birthday” in a special way. Therefore, we are glad to introduce you our collection of interesting and humorous birthday quotes below.
• Birthdays really take the cake . . . and add it to your stomach. – Melanie White
• Do you know what they call people of your age? Old!!!
• The secret to staying young is to eat slowly, live honestly, and lie about your age.
• Just because you’re old does not mean you have to look that way!
• You’re turning that age!?!?!?!?! Where did the time go?
• Happy birthday grandpa you’re getting older every second I see you.
• Now I’m not saying the professor is old, but if you consider his age – he’s likely to die soon. The Collection of Interesting and Humorous Birthday Quotes 1
• What goes up but never comes down? Your age.
• I know it’s your birthday but I have no idea how old you are.
• If you had a birthday for every girl who stopped and stared…you my friend would be in nursery.
• Oohh!!!! Your birthday present, haha!!!! Cute story.
• They tell you that you’ll lose your mind when you grow older. What they don’t tell you is that you won’t miss it very much.- Malcolm Cowley
• Happy birthday Cher! For your birthday, I’m sending you a DVD of my favorite movie about a talking pig. I got you Babe.- Ellen DeGeneres
• The first fact about the celebration of a birthday is that it is a way of affirming defiantly, and even flamboyantly, that it is a good thing to be alive.- G. K. ChestertonThe Collection of Interesting and Humorous Birthday Quotes 2
• Having a birthday is a lot better than not having one.- Anonymous
• You know you’re getting old when you can’t remember how old you are!
• Without birthdays we wouldn’t know how much makeup to put on in the morning.
• The good, die young. The bad, are bad to the bone. The young, are young at heart. And the old, is an old fashioned love song.
• It’s proven that at the age 41 you start to lose your memory. We can only hope!
• Their mental age is inversely proportional to their physical age.
• The older you get the more you forget. The Collection of Interesting and Humorous Birthday Quotes 3
• I can’t remember being born..but my mother assures me that I was.
• Celebrating another birthday means another year closer to seeing God’s face
• You are not over the hill. You are on top of it and the view is magnificent. Submitted
• I’m sorry you have to scroll so far down on websites looking for your birth year!!!
• Happy Birthday! You’re now living proof of the old saying that “Boys will be boys, and so will a lot of middle-aged men.”- Kin Hubbard
• Go celebrate age and have fun going around the sun… HAPPY GETTING OLD
• People say that the good die young, but if that is true how evil are you if you get older and older! The Collection of Interesting and Humorous Birthday Quotes 4
• Every year someone asks me “What are you doing for your birthday?” and every year I say “Celebrating, idiot!”
• You sure don’t look your age, you look way older! Happy birthday oldie!
• Birthday – It is a day when you will be happy for wasting one more year.
• Too young to die, too old to rock n roll.
• I was going to give you a birthday present but every time I touched the box, it would snarl at me.
• I don’t know your name, but your birthday cake was delicious.
• “Happy Birthday” is normally what people tell you every year, but it’s more like “Congrats! You’re officially one year closer to being dead! Good for you!”
We hope that you will like our collection of interesting and humorous birthday quotes. You are welcome to choose the ones you like most to send to your family, friends, or sweetheart. Have a nice day!


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