Great and Sincere Birthday Poems to Send to Your Beloved Grandmother


Grandmothers are always generous and patient. They always care for their grandchildren and love them so much. Let’ make your grandmother’s birthday become a special celebration with birthday wishes and gifts. Besides that, you can write a great and sincere birthday poem for grandmother on your own handmade greeting card to say “Happy birthday” to your grandmother in a unique way. Your effort will show her how much you love being her grandson or granddaughter. In our page, you can find several great and sincere birthday poems for grandmother that we have collected.

Poem 1
Although your hands are jittery
And you are a little fidgety
Although you have become finicky
And a bit emotionally touchy
Although you are sometimes grumpy
And also slightly moody
I still think you are sweet, cute and funny
Happy birthday to the most awesome grannyGreat and Sincere Birthday Poems to Send to Your Beloved Grandmother 1
Poem 2
All these years you have spoiled me enough
But you have also taught me how to be tough
How can I forget all the fun times that we shared
Patience and concern for me, how you have always spared
Your wise words and warm hugs, I will never forget
I will draw inspiration from them, whenever I am upset
Happy birthday, to the most amazing grandmother
Like your impact on my life, there can be no otherGreat and Sincere Birthday Poems to Send to Your Beloved Grandmother 2
Poem 3

Much Love

The other day I spilt some jam on her brand new couch,
But all she did was stare at it and blurt out ‘Ouch’,
I once even lost my toothbrush and broke a glass,
But with my grandma around, all I heard was ‘Alas’,
My feet are almost always bare, I look like quite a disgrace,
But my grandma, oh, she doesn’t really care,
She’s almost always busy, but then she takes a look at the knots in my hair,
One, two, three and four, she drops everything; my hair is now her only care,
When I’m grown and possibly on my own and when visits do get rare,
In the entire world, I’d never forget dear Grandma, the love with so much care
This for you is your day, I’ve only this to say,
Happy Birthday, From you, I’d never want to be far far away!Great and Sincere Birthday Poems to Send to Your Beloved Grandmother 3
Poem 4

On The Wings Of An Angel

My oh-so-precious Grandma, I’ve always wondered where you keep your wings,
Do you hang them in your closet, with each of your other things?
Or, do you just put them away when no one’s looking and use them only at night,
Maybe you just give them away to the stars, to polish them up oh-so-bright,
In any case, I’m positive you have wings; it surely must be true,
‘Cause God always give them to angels like you, who are but oh-so-few Great and Sincere Birthday Poems to Send to Your Beloved Grandmother 4
Poem 5
This has always puzzled me,
Just how much is a pinch?
These recipes of yours, Grandma
Surely are no cinch.
A “snip” of this, a “dab” of that,
A “lump” of something else,
Then ladle in a “dollop”
And “stir until it melts.”
I have to be a wizard
To decipher what you said,
About all these strange proportions
In the cookbook, in your head.
How much nutmeg in the doughnuts?
Grandma, you never flinch,
As you say, with twinkling eyes,
“Oh, just about a pinch.”
There must be in your wise head
A measuring device,
That tells you just how much to use
Of sugar, salt and spice
Happy Birthday Super Cook
We hope that these great and sincere birthday poems for grandmother can be useful for you. You are welcomed to choose the poem you like most to send to your beloved grandmother. Have a nice day!


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