Heartfelt Dad Birthday Poems That Can Make Your Father Touched


Sometimes you find it ‘s quite difficult to express your love to your Dad, so a birthday poem is a wonderful way to express your feelings especially to your father on his birthday. With a birthday poem for Dad can recall all wonderful and funny memories that you shared together, and make him feel proud of his children! So are you looking for some heartfelt birthday poems for Dad? You came to right place! Here you can find some heartfelt birthday poems for Dad that can make your Dad touched.
Poem 1
You are the fire in my eyes
The balm of my cries
The solace of my being
The one who gives me that cozy feeling
The warmth of my smile
Always inspiring my style
To such a wonderful dad today
I wish a happy birthdayheartfelt-dad-birthday-poems-that-can-make-your-father-touched-1
Poem 2
Today is your Birthday Daddy
a special day for you
It’s time to eat some special treats
with hats and whistles to.
Then you can put your feet up Daddy
and take a little break
we have presents for you to
and a yummy Birthday Cake.
Happy Birthday Daddy I Love You heartfelt-dad-birthday-poems-that-can-make-your-father-touched-2
Poem 3
Some fathers are just father figures;
A real father is still very rare;
That’s why I value so highly.
The father/son/daughter bond that we share.
I’m blessed to have a real father,
Who displays his love with such ease,
And that’s why I say on your birthday,
I love you more than a mouse loves its cheese!heartfelt-dad-birthday-poems-that-can-make-your-father-touched-3
Poem 4
Every child must have a father,
That’s the way the Nature planned.
But I am thankful to the Father
For a father like you, my Dad.
Some children grow up fatherless,
While others see their fathers
But seldom.
I, however, have enough memories
Of you
To fill a full-fledged album.
Some fathers stay but take little thought
Of what’s good for their own.
Others lash out in anger,
And make a prison of their home.
But you, O Dad,
Have been a friend,
A counselor, a model
From this day back as far as the time
I was sucking on a bottle.
Thanks for being a great Dad, Dad.
Happy Birthday!heartfelt-dad-birthday-poems-that-can-make-your-father-touched-4
Poem 5
Happy birthday to a special friend.
All my love to you this precious day!
Part of me knows just what I should say
Part perhaps some deeper word would send.
You’re the strand on which I silent write
Before my dreams are swept far out to sea.
We hope that these heartfelt birthday poems for Dad can be helpful for you. If you like them, feel free to choose a poem to write in a wishing card, in a text SMS or to post it in his Facebook. You have a huge opportunity to make him feel happy and touched!