The Top of Meaningful Birthday’s Poems for Your Teacher in 2017


Our teachers are as valuable as our parents. They teach us knowledge, skills to help us become a successful man, build the future. As students, we show them respect, love and admiration. When we grew up, we regularly think about the past; we miss our teachers who taught us and gave us the education. We also regret that we did not have enough time to express our love to them. Therefore, on their birthday, let’s create and write teacher’s birthday poems in the greetings card and send them thankful words to let them know that they are a part of our life.

The Top of Meaningful Birthday’s Poems for Your Teacher in 2017 1

Poem 1

Fly in the plan of ambition

and land on the airport of success

Luck is yours

Wish is mine

May your future

always shine

With lots of love

Happy birthday to you.

Poem 2

Teacher is a person

who always helps everybody

to get the knowledge


always stands beside the students

when they have problems

Thanks for being my teacher.

Happy birthday my beloved teacher.

Poem 3

You are the apple of our eyes

a superhero in disguise

Everyday you give a part of yourself to us

You help and grow and teach us trust

In ourselves and in others

You have taught us so much

I hope today, on this special day

You are shown as much love as you give

Happy Birthday!

Poem 4

A teacher like you,

Is real hard to find,

You challenge and test,

And stimulate our minds,

You always have time,

For a laugh and song,

And a smile on your face,

The whole day long,

Happy Birthday!

Poem 5

Dear teacher:

With you as my guiding light,

I could say goodbye to all my frights,

And success was always in my sight.

Happy birthday.

The Top of Meaningful Birthday’s Poems for Your Teacher in 2017 2

Poem 6

Accept my good wish on your lucky day,

And please believe me when I say

That you were always the best of them all;

There was no other teacher who could stand so tall.

My life without you would have never unfurled.

Happy birthday to the best teacher in the world.

Poem 7

Happy Birthday to a teacher

Who simly is the best

A grade A human being

Who passes every test

Of who every should be

A prime example we can learn

And I hope you remember this

As you watch those candles burn.

Poem 8

It’s your birthday and I can’t be there

But I’ll send you a special birthday wish and a little prayer

Have a happy birthday

I hope that all of your birthday wishes come true

May you have a great time today and find happiness in everything you do.

Poem 9

May your wisdom spread far and wide,

May you have amazing students to guide,

May your blessing touc one and many,

May you always have time to enjoy what is funny,

May your birthday bring a fantastic year ahead

So that you can touch more lives, as I ave said.

Happy birthday.

Poem 10

This day is a tribute

To the massive contribution

You have made in the lives

Of many, not just one

We offer you homage

For being a teacher, so brilliant

You will always be remembered

By each and every student

Happy birthday.

The Top of Meaningful Birthday’s Poems for Your Teacher in 2017 3

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