Meaningful Poems To Send To Mother On Her Birthday


On your Mom’s birthday, you want to write something special to show your love to her. Why don’t you choose a poem for mom’s birthday? These meaningful poems for Mom’s birthday will remind your mom how much she means to you and how much you love her.

Poem 1

Mom, you’re so very special
I thank my lucky stars to have you
You are caring, loving and thoughtful
And so just very nice, too.
I don’t often tell you
So I’m choosing this occasion to say
I’m grateful for all you’ve done and do
Have a wonderful birthday

Poem 2

My Eternal Mom

You held me in your arms and kissed me gently,
The sweetest of kisses and the gentlest of touches.
May angels sing for you on your birthday,
And my love in front of you I lay.
Happy birthday mom for the person you are,
From a daughter who thinks you are a shining star.meaningful-poems-to-send-to-mother-on-her-birthday-1Poem 3

You do so many thoughtful things
for others through the year,
You have a way of lifting spirits
and filling hearts with cheer.
So I know this day’s just perfect
to make a wish for you,
For all the good things you deserve
each day the whole year through.
Have a Happy Birthday (Mom)(Mum)

Poem 4

My Love Will Never Fade

My every heartbeat, and every breath,
Every smile, tear and faith.
Together, they scream out and pray,
Times will change, world will change,
But my love for you shall never fade away.
Happy Birthday, Mom.meaningful-poems-to-send-to-mother-on-her-birthday-2Poem 5

You’ve always been there,
when something I’d need.
Even when my desires,
were fuelled by greed.

With regards to school,
you’ve been patient and kind.
Encouraged the development,
of my untamed young mind.

Taught me the importance,
of trust and respect.
Looked out for me,
you’d always protect.

You mean the world to me,
You are the most caring.
I’m truly blessed,
for this bond that we’re sharing.
Several beautiful poems for Mom’s birthday are available on our page. Let’s choose one meaningful poem for Mom’s birthday to send to your mom to say “Happy birthday!” in a special way. Share and enjoy!