Your boyfriend’s birthday is coming and then you want to write for him something special? Why don’t you choose a birthday poems for boyfriend to send him. We would like to introduce to you some unforgettable birthday poems for boyfriend that we have gathered.

Poem 1

Everything seems so perfect and nice
Since we started dating, I haven’t seen a low
My life right now seems like a bright sunny sky
Highlighted with lovely hues and a beautiful rainbow
The love is beautiful, the romance is tingling
The passion is sizzling, the reason is YOU
This is all I wanted to say on your birthday
I hope that you feel the same way too
Happy birthdayunforgettable-birthday-poems-for-boyfriend-1

Poem 2

There is no greater satisfaction
Than basking in our attraction
There is no greater happiness
Than to look at you and experience breathlessness
There is no greater pleasure
Than to cherish our love’s treasure
There is no greater joy
Than to call you my boy
Happy birthdayunforgettable-birthday-poems-for-boyfriend-2

Poem 3

Happy birthday to the guy
Who gave flight to my dreams
The way you’ve changed my life
Is more profound that what it seems
Days and nights, I feel thankful
For the fact that you are mine and only mine
Our relationships is what brings
In my life, the perfect shine

With these unforgettable birthday poems for boyfriend above, we believe that your boyfriend will feel very touched and thankful for your love. Wish you have an eternal love.


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