Charming and Lovely Birthday Toasts for a Happy Birthday Party


When you have to raise a glass and celebrate the birthdays of friends or family member, you will need the unforgettable words to make them surprised and happy. If you are looking for some lovely birthday toasts to speak at a birthday party, you come to the right place. We can provide you several harming and lovely birthday toasts which will help you have the best ones that suit with the birthday’s atmosphere. Now you can have a look at these charming and lovely birthday toasts below.
• Good friends are hard to come by. You are worth more than you can ever imagine to me. Happy birthday!
• May heaven smile upon you today! May all the angels stop to cheer your achievements! Happy birthday!
• They say that everyone needs pillars to survive. I found one great foundation in your friendship. Happy birthday!
• The perfect words or song cannot express how much you mean to me. You are beyond the measure men and women can give simply because of who you are. Happy birthday!
• This birthday is a mark of many more to come while we are together, happy birthday love!Charming and Lovely Birthday Toasts for a Happy Birthday Party 1
• I guess it’s true: love is only a word until somebody comes into your life and gives it true meaning. You, my love, make it mean something to me.
• Here’s to the birthday boy who’s discovered what really separates the men from the boys — many, many years.
• I’ve always heard that every wrinkle has a story. You must have a War and Peace-size novel written all over your face. Happy birthday!
• To middle age, a time in your life when the biggest obstacle to divorce is the thought of showing your birthday suit to somebody new. Happy birthday.
• Happy birthday. There comes a moment of such clarity, such certainty, when you realize you are old: the moment somebody offers you their seat on a bus…and you take it. May you never go gently into that good seat.Charming and Lovely Birthday Toasts for a Happy Birthday Party 2
• Happy birthday. May you never get so old at heart that you find men with combovers attractive.
• Cool, friendly, clever, beautiful… but enough about me. Here’s a birthday toast to you!
• To love, to new beginnings and chances for you and the life that we share, happy birthday darling!
• The greatest day of my life is the day I met you. Sharing these special moments with you reminds me how lucky I am to have had the opportunity. Happy birthday dear!
• You are a great inspiration to me; a great addition to my life. You are my best friends and I am glad that I am seeing you walk into a new year even better than you were. Happy Birthday!
• As you turn another year older, take comfort in the fact that there is no such thing as going downhill for overachievers like you. Instead, look forward to conquering the next level, whatever that may be. In the game of life, you are a winner. Happy birthday!Charming and Lovely Birthday Toasts for a Happy Birthday Party 3
• I would never have asked for a greater gift this year. May you find what you have shared with others and more this year! Happy birthday friend.
• Happy birthday to you for years to come, we’ll explore them together for a life filled with love, joy, and fun. Happy birthday, darling.
• I offer these words on your special day: Never above or below you, but always beside you, my love. Happy birthday.
You are welcome to choose the ones you like most from these charming and lovely birthday toasts. Thanks for choosing our page to find birthday toast!