We would like to introduce to you 3 great birthday poems for Mom. These original, rhyming mom birthday poems can help you say “Happy Birthday Mom!” in a perfect way. Choose the poem for Mom’s birthday that you like best.

Poem 1
Mommy, today is your day
I will do as you say
Whatever is your fancy
Until you are happy
Birthdays come once a year
Make the most while yours is here
Because this one-time offer
In 24 hours, will get over
Happy birthdaygreat-birthday-poems-for-your-mom-1

Poem 2
Are you an angel
Or a genie perhaps
You seem to have answers
To all of life’s traps
Are you a magician
Or a fairy in disguise
Troubles just wither away
When I look in your eyes
Maybe you are
An angel, genie, magician, fairy
All combined into one
Beautiful person called Mommy
Happy birthday

Poem 3
Here’s to the woman
Who makes us feel special every day
Here’s to the woman
Who pampers in every possible way
Here’s to the woman
Whose love is truly endless
Here’s to the woman
Whose motherly concern is limitless
Here’s to the woman
Who looks after us day and night
Here’s to the woman
Who we love with all our might
Happy birthday mom

We believe that these great birthday poems for Mom can help you express all love to your Mom. Hope you have a wonderful time with your family.