Heartfelt Birthday Poems That Can Touch Your Girlfriend’s Heart


Are you looking forward to a chance to express your deep love to your girlfriend? So her birthday is a good chance for you. Her birthday is the time for her to receive the best birthday wishes and celebrate a happy party with you. To make her birthday more special, you can send her the heartfelt birthday poems for girlfriend to show how much you love and appreciate her. On this page, you can find the heartfelt birthday poems for girlfriend that you need. Share and enjoy them!

Poem 1

You are the most

Beautiful girl on this planet

You are the prettiest

Girl that I’ve ever met

You are a woman who

Knows what she wants

Losing you for no reason

The very thought of it daunts

You’re the dream girl

Who has conquered

My heart and my very being

It’s my soul that you have stirred

Happy birthdayHeartfelt Birthday Poems That Can Touch Your Girlfriend’s Heart 1

Poem 2

Silly Birthday

It seems silly, don’t you think, to choose just one day

to tell you all of the things I need to say:

that I love you more than my life itself,

that I can’t imagine being with anyone else,

that the way you smile lights up my world,

that out of everyone I think you’re the most lovely girl,

that every day I pinch myself to make sure I”m not dreaming

because I’m so thankful you’ve chosen to spend life with me.

Happy birthday, sweetheart.Heartfelt Birthday Poems That Can Touch Your Girlfriend’s Heart 2

Poem 3

My Partner, For your Birthday

Hope I fulfill every fantasy of yours for your birthday,
There cannot be a string of more special moments than on this day.
For it does not just celebrate my love’s birth,
It is also the day God gifted me with you in all his mirth.
Happy Birthday My Precious Love,
You engulf me with your smile and I don’t know how.

Poem 4

Sweeter Than Cake

I tried to bake you a cake, but you were much sweeter.

I tried to get you a gift, but you were much neater.

I tried to buy you a ring, but you sparkled brighter.

I tried to sing you a song, but your melody went higher.

Everything I do, it can’t measure up to you.

So here is my cake, my gift, my ring, and my song.

This poem too, I give it to you, and the simple truth is simply this:

That the best gift I can give you is a simple kiss.

Happy birthday.Heartfelt Birthday Poems That Can Touch Your Girlfriend’s Heart 3

Poem 5

A tiara on your head

A wand in your arm

A shimmering white gown

To enhance your charm

A bounce in your step

A glow on your face

Some red on your lips

That puts me in a daze

I want to dress you up

As my angel incarnate

A new year in your life

As you celebrate

Happy birthday

We believe that these heartfelt birthday poems for girlfriend can touch her heart. Feel free to choose a good one to send her. She will be so happy and touched when she know your deep love.