Heartfelt Birthday Poems to Send to Your Lovely Sister on Her Birthday


It’s so wonderful if you have a sister who you can share all of your sadness or happiness with. But it is quite hard to tell directly with her that you always love and respect her so much because you cannot find the right time. So her birthday is the best time for you to send your love to her. Besides giving gift, you can send her heartfelt birthday poems for sister to make her surprised and happy. In our pae you can find some heartfelt birthday poems for sister to send to your lovely sister.

Poem 1

Happy birthday to the sister
Who is now a teen
Who is also
The biggest drama queen
But always nice to me
And never mean
Without whom my life
Loses its sheen
I love her regardless of whether
She is twelve or thirteenHeartfelt Birthday Poems to Send to Your Lovely Sister on Her Birthday 1

Poem 2
Friends come and friends go family are there forever
But as my sister and my friend we will be parted never
We shared our toys when we were young somethings never change
Now it’s clothes and makeup – it’s just a different range
I love you darling sis you are my best friend
So today on your birthday I wish you a day of joy that never ends
by Margmax

Poem 3
Darling sis I love you loads I am your No 1 fan
For you today I will try and make it the best that I can
If I could of chosen I would not change the sister that is you
Because you are a wonderful girl who does wonderful things to
by Margmax Heartfelt Birthday Poems to Send to Your Lovely Sister on Her Birthday 2
Poem 4
Dear sister…
As you grow old
As you mature
Different experiences
As you endure
As you become an adult
And take a bigger stride
For you I will have
Nothing but pride
Into the unknown future
Go boldly, have fun
If there is a winner
I want you to be the one
Happy birthday

Poem 5
You are so mature and always so sure
To all my life’s troubles, you always have a cure
To an elder sister, who is always so calm
Who could easily be my mom
Wishing you a day full of party and play
Wishing you a very happy birthdayHeartfelt Birthday Poems to Send to Your Lovely Sister on Her Birthday 3
Poem 6

Rhymes With Wish

Hey sweet sister,
I nearly forgot.
About your birthday gift,
that I recently caught.

I’m really serious,
it’s not a joke.
I went totally organic,
since I’m extra broke.

It was a challenge,
to properly wrap.
To find this gift,
I needed a map.

Just make sure,
you open real slow.
It’s straight from my heart,
and not meant for show.

The very first thing,
you’ll probably think.
Why does this gift,
officially stink?

A “FINtastic” birthday,
I’d just like to wish.
So I caught you,
a smelly old fish.
We hope that these heartfelt birthday poems for sister will be useful for you. If you like them, feel free to pick a poem to send to your sister on birthday card, email, message or post on Facebook. Thanks for visiting our page!


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