Selecting boss birthday wishes can be hard…and choosing the wrong one may even get you fired. Don’t worry — here are wonderful original birthday wishes for boss. We ensure that he or she will love what you say if you choose these birthday wishes.
1) Success and happiness is what I wish you on your birthday. If you feel like doing something nice in return, you may increase my pay. Happy birthday boss.
2) A boss like you and an employee like me, we make a smashing team don’t you see? Happy birthday.
3) A boss is someone who never gets tired, of giving you orders. Happy birthday to one such guy.
4) Your birthday is a gentle reminder to all of us that even a boss as tough as you, is a human being after all. Happy birthday.
5) Every year, your birthday comes on the same day at the same time. It seems to be extremely punctual just like you. Happy birthday.
6) You can officially expect us to stop hating you for one day, just because it is your birthday today. Have a good one boss.interesting-birthday-wishes-for-your-boss-1
7) Thanks for being tough on me when things were easy and more importantly, going easy on me when things were tough. Happy birthday boss.
8) Promotions and success, peace of mind and happiness. Titles and awards, achievements and records. All this is what, I hope you get a lot. Happy birthday.
9) Just three simple words are what I would write in a recommendation for you, if I had to give you one – Best Boss Ever. Happy birthday.
10) In having a boss like you I take a lot of pride, and working with you has been one awesome joyride. Happy birthday.
Now we think you have a lot of choices about birthday wishes for boss to write on your birthday card. Don’t hesitate to choose one and send to your boss.