Lovely Birthday Wishes That Can Make Your Niece Happy on Her Birthday


What can the coolest uncle or the most favorite aunt write on a greeting card for a niece? Uncles and aunts are supposed to be doting, cool and everything else that their nieces’ parents can never be. Go on, pamper and spoil your niece on her birthday. Treat her like your best friend… and not as your brother or sister’s daughter. Let’s send her lovely birthday wishes for niece on Twitter or Facebook to make her happy. We would like to introduce you several lovely birthday wishes for niece to show her how much you love her and how much she means to you.

  • As you are my sweet niece, so I’m officially permitted to ask for a wonderful birthday treat from you. Have a gorgeous birthday party.
  • The term “Awesome Aunt” remains incomplete if there is no “Wonderful Niece” like you. How perfect we are. Happy birthday.
  • It’s mandatory to have an amazing niece to become the sweetest aunt in the world. Hope you are enjoying this day a lot.
  • I thought that I had a lot, but when you were born, for the first time I felt that I really had nothing to claim as mine. You are the most valuable thing in my life.
  • Nothing would have been enough if you weren’t born in the world. Happy birthday.Lovely Birthday Wishes That Can Make Your Niece Happy on Her Birthday 1
  • AUNT became the coolest word in my life after you were born. Happy birthday.
  • Our relationship is not about smiles, laughs and high fives. Having an awesome niece like you makes me wanna fly. Happy birthday.
  • You are my niece, which gives you the official right to ask me for treats without feeling guilty. I am your aunt, which gives me the official right to spoil you without taking responsibility. How perfect. Happy birthday.
  • The only prerequisite for manufacturing a product called Awesome Aunt is a component called Wonderful Niece. Happy birthday.
  • I had everything in life until the day you were born… when I realized that I had nothing until the day I had a niece like you. Happy birthday.Lovely Birthday Wishes That Can Make Your Niece Happy on Her Birthday 2
  • I never thought that my sister would do great things in life… until she gave birth to an angel who I lovingly call my NIECE. Happy birthday.
  • I don’t care about being the best uncle in the world. All I care about is making sure that my love for my niece is the best of the best. Happy birthday.
  • I will never forget the day you grabbed my finger with your little hands. You held on so tight it felt like you were transferring your life force to me. It still feels that way whenever I spend time with you. Thank you for letting me be part of your life. Happy Birthday!
  • I look into your eyes, and I see an old soul. I listen to your dreams, and I sense a heart full of hope and longing. I stand in awe at the young lady you are becoming. So proud of you, niece. Happy Birthday!
  • You have the special gift of good cheer: You spread happiness wherever you go. Today, I wish you the same happiness you have generously given. Happy Birthday!
  • You are sunshine and light. You are happiness and free spirit. You are all the good things we wish for this world. Happy Birthday, dear niece!Lovely Birthday Wishes That Can Make Your Niece Happy on Her Birthday 3
  • Generation gap? No, not with you around. You bring the world together, and you bring out the best in all of us. We are proud to be part of your family. Happy Birthday to my lovely niece!
  • I have been so blessed to have known you since the day you were born. This is your birthday, but it is mine, too– as an aunt/uncle. Happy Birthday to us!
  • I do not have your mom’s patience. I do not have your dad’s genius, but I have a heart full of love for you and a guest room available 24/7. Happy Birthday!
  • I am convinced that you got the best parts out of the gene pool. If anyone wants to challenge me on that, I have photos, trophies and medals with your name on it to prove them wrong. Proud to be your aunt/uncle. Happy Birthday!
  • An aunt-niece duo like us can give any mother-daughter pair a run for their money. Happy birthday.
  • Motherhood may be a joyous and beautiful journey, but being an aunt is way better – wild and crazy. Happy birthday.

If you like these lovely birthday wishes for niece, don’t hesitate to choose a good one to send her. We believe that nothing can break the bond between you and her. Thanks for visiting our page and have a nice day!