Meaningful Birthday Poems That Can Make Your Mom Cry In Tears of Joy


Birthday is a special event because it just happens once a year. And Mom’s birthday is an important event of family. Mom is the most patient women in our heart, so she deserves to receive the best things on her birthday. To wish Mom “ Happy birthday, Mom” in a unique way, you can send her meaningful birthday poems for Mom. So now we would like to present you the meaningful birthday poems for Mom that can make your Mom cry in tears of joy.

Poem 1

A Time for Renewal

For the rest of the year you sacrifice
To help your children through the day
But today is something different
Because it should go your way.
Enjoy your birthday while it’s here
Hope it’s a special one for you.
Hope you discover surprises
And you feel yourself renew.
Poem 2
Mom …Do I really need an occassion to say
That I love you more with each passing day
You should know by now your close to my heart
Even if your 50 and you need a kick start!

Mom… I hope your day is full of love
From all of us and the Lord above
With lots of fun and being goofy
This day is for you,you silly Newfie!

Mom…now is your time to sit and relax
Soon is 60 and maybe a little Exlax
70 is Gerital and a layer of Bengay
Than Denture Cream and Depends are on the way

Mom…It’s ok I will help you up the stairs
Tuck you into bed and pluck your chin hairs
I will take care of you like you did me
And each Sunday there I will be

Mom…remember the jokes of me you told
Eating dirt and rocks after a scold
Pregnant and swinging cans of hams around
beating those bullies into the ground

Mom…remember me running into the house
Screaming and squeaking like a mouse
Out of breath and feeling in a fog
I almost died from Killer the DOG !!!

Mom…my turn now to take care of you
For all the fun you poked at me and Dawn too
You better be careful I upped the stakes
Cuz 90 is the wheel chair….
Written By: Lesley A. Gregsonmeaningful-birthday-poems-that-can-make-your-mom-cry-in-tears-of-joy-2
Poem 3
As Mother’s go you’re truly the best.
About as special as they come.
There’s no-one else in the whole wide world
quite like my super smashing Mum!

Poem 4
I know I’m very lucky,
to have a Mum like you
who is so supportive
and kind and loving too.
I really do appreciate
the way you show you care
and it means so much to know
that if needed you’ll be there.
Although I rarely say it,
it’s time that you knew
you are a very special Mum
and I think the world of you.meaningful-birthday-poems-that-can-make-your-mom-cry-in-tears-of-joy-3
Poem 5
As each passing day goes by
A tear falls from my eye
With each day passing me
A memory comes to mind
Without you by my side
Tears and memories compile
I will be at your side
I will be in your arms
I shall be safe once more
Happy Birthday Mommy
Love will be on the wings of my angel!meaningful-birthday-poems-that-can-make-your-mom-cry-in-tears-of-joy-4
Poem 6
Washing, cleaning and cooking
Plus ironing and grocery shopping
These chores are bone breaking
Mom, at least for a day stop working
Let it be a time for relaxing
For it’s your birthday we’re celebrating!
With these meaningful birthday poems for Mom, you can send your wish to Mom in a special way and make her surprised. We hope that these birthday poems for Mom can help you express all your love to Mom.