Meaningful Birthday Poems to Express Your Love to Girlfriend


Besides birthday wishes, you are finding something special to write for your girlfriend on her birthday to make her surprised. So why don’t you choose to wish your girlfriend a happy birthday with a meaningful birthday poem for girlfriend? It’s a good idea to tell her how much you love her and how you really feel about her. It also can bring a beautiful smile on her face. And now we would like to introduce to you these meaningful birthday poems for girlfriend. Share and enjoy them.

Poem 1

You are my Life

Your lovely smile lights up my day,
It should always stay pasted there I pray.
With infectious energy and vivacious attitude,
You have turned my life out and I express my gratitude.
On your birthday, I promise you my love,
That I will not let you shed a tear in hurt.
Happy Birthday My Love!Meaningful Birthday Poems to Express Your Love to Girlfriend 1
Poem 2
Happy birthday to my girl
Who makes my world spin and whirl
Happy birthday to my baby doll
Who makes my life a ball
Happy birthday to my lass
Who is simply kick-ass
Happy birthday to my dame
Who makes everything else seem lame
Happy birthday to my chick
Who makes life so fantastic

Poem 3

The Sun, the Stars, and You

The sun came up this morning like it was just another day,
but right away it noticed that it was your birthday.
So it shone a little brighter and told all its friends,
so when it sets tonight, the fun won’t have to end.
And then when we’re alone, when it’s just you and me,
we’ll go for a walk and count how many stars we can see.
Happy birthday, sweetheart.Meaningful Birthday Poems to Express Your Love to Girlfriend 2

Poem 4
Although you have more than
A hundred followers on Twitter
You know that my love for you
Is matched by no other
Although you get a bunch of
New Facebook friends every week
You know that you are the one
My heart will always seek
On Instagram although you have
Surging popularity
The queen of my heart
You will always be
Happy birthdayMeaningful Birthday Poems to Express Your Love to Girlfriend 3
Poem 5

I am Overwhelmed, Dear

You sparkle and overwhelm me
With your beauty and love exclusively that I can see.
A day away from you seems tragic,
But hours with you feels like magic.
Wishing you a wonderful birthday,
That you and I can celebrate it in our own way.
Happy Birthday Darling!
If you like these meaningful birthday poems for girlfriend, feel free to take them to write on message, text, status update for your girlfriend. We hope that you can give her a special gift with a heartfelt birthday message.