Romantic Birthday Wishes to Make Your Boyfriend Surprised On His Birthday


Love is the sensational feeling that cannot be expressed in words. We feel ourselves on 7th cloud when we are in love. So our heart fills with happiness and sweet. So when your boyfriend’s birthday is coming, are you thinking of how to make your boyfriend’s birthday more special? Maybe you come across several ideas but you still confused about which birthday wishes for boyfriend that can send your love to him. Thus we are here to provide you the romantic birthday wishes for boyfriend that can make your boyfriend surprised on his birthday.
• If I have you, I need no money, expensive dresses and presents. You, a glass of wine and the moonlight are all I need to live in happiness. Close your eyes, blow your candles and let me read your mind. A sweet kiss for your birthday!
• All my dreams came true when we first met. You are the special one I never knew I was after. I wish I will keep being the same for you no matter what. My best wishes, sweetie!
• I wanted to bring you the best thing I could imagine for your birthday. I asked each and every shop in town, but no one seemed to be able to wrap the way I feel when I see you smile! So, I brought you the next best thing for you to unpack!
• I feel so lucky to have you in my life. We were born to be together, so let us celebrate it today! Happy birthday dear!
• I wish you will keep on tolerating my bad habits and be there when I feel unsafe and alone. May our love grow stronger with every next birthday!Romantic Birthday Wishes to Make Your Boyfriend Surprised On His Birthday 1
• This year, I will give you the last gift of all. Just wait until we eat all the cake and all the guests leave and I promise you a night you will never forget. Make a wish blowing the candles and I’ll make it true before the night ends!
• To the man who has never done anything wrong on his birthday. And why mention the other 364 days of the year?
• You make my days joyful, you make my love true, I am so much happier, all because of you. Happy Birthday.
• I feel safe in your arms. You make the world feel far away. Happy Birthday.
• You make me swoon. You make me act crazy. You bring out the best in me. You light up my world. Happy Birthday.romantic-birthday-wishes-to-make-your-boyfriend-surprised-on-his-birthday-2
• Tomorrow might be a better day, but I never want a day with you to end. Happy Birthday.
• You are right. I am crazy: CRAZY in love with you. Happy Birthday.
• Every time you smile I fall more in love with you & since today is your birthday, I hope that your smile is as big as my love for you. It’s a circular thing you know.
• Every time I look in your eyes, I think that the saying ‘Made for each other’ was made just for you and me. My life is incomplete without you- Happy Birthday!
• Close your eyes make a wish and hope for all good things to come to you. Happy Birthday.
• Your Birthday reminds me that you are the only person I want to spend my life with- Happy Birthday my sweetheart!Romantic Birthday Wishes to Make Your Boyfriend Surprised On His Birthday 3
• You tolerate my mood swings, my tantrums and pull me up when I’m down. You are my ultimate source of inspiration and happiness. I just want to say that I love you – Happy Birthday to the hero of my life.
• I am so lucky to have you as my boyfriend because you are the most eligible bachelor – this can be ideal happy birthday wish for your boyfriend.
• On your birthday, I’m going to _ _ _ _ you all day and all night! Because it’s your birthday, I think it’s only fair if I permit you to fill in the blanks!
• You are brighter than the sun, calmer than the ocean and cuter than the boy next door. I love you. Happy birthday
We hope these romantic birthday wishes for boyfriend can help you say “ Happy birthday” to your boyfriend in a romantic way. He will know how much you love and appreciate him. Thanks for visiting our page and have a nice day!