The Collection of Beautiful Birthday Toasts To Create a Warm Atmosphere for a Birthday Party


Birthday! It happens just once a year, so people are always looking forward to it. As birthday is the time to blow off the candles, to receive lovely gift, and especially have a warm party with family and friends. Moreover , a party can be more perfect with beautiful birthday toasts. The beautiful birthday toasts make the birthday’s atmosphere lively. Therefore, we’d love to introduce to you the collection of beautiful birthday toasts that we have gathethed.
• May you live as long as you want,
And never want as long as you live.
• Now that you’re 21, we can legally do what we’ve done secretly since we were barely in our teens — drink to your health. Here’s to you. Happy birthday!
• May you live all the days of your life.— Jonathan Swift
• There, I said it. Yes, you and I are getting older. Sure, we get more wrinkles every day. But things could be a lot worse. We could be dead or, heaven forbid, teenagers.the-collection-of-beautiful-birthday-toasts-to-create-a-warm-atmosphere-for-a-birthday-party-1
• May I see you grey
And combing your grandchildren’s hair.
• Now that you’re old enough to leave the nest, I have some great wisdom to impart: always take life’s troubles with a grain of salt…plus a slice of lemon and a bottle of tequila. Cheers!
• May the Lord keep you in His hand
And never close His fist too tight
• If I were you, I would be happy if I was you — at least you can wake up every morning with a smile…not false teeth and smile lines. Happy birthday.Happy birthday!
• May you live to be a hundred years,
With one extra year to repent!the-collection-of-beautiful-birthday-toasts-to-create-a-warm-atmosphere-for-a-birthday-party-2
• We drink to your coffin. May it be built from the wood of a hundred year old oak tree that I shall plant tomorrow.
• Happy birthday! Here’s to a birthday bash we won’t be able to remember tomorrow morning with friends who won’t let us forget tonight’s stupidity for years to come.
• The other day, I walked into a museum and everywhere were old relics that date back to the dawn of time. It made me think of you. Happy birthday!Happy birthday!
• Happy birthday! We’re getting to the age when we should not sweat the small stuff. We should really start laughing at ourselves. Besides, our kids are already doing it for us every time we open our mouths.the-collection-of-beautiful-birthday-toasts-to-create-a-warm-atmosphere-for-a-birthday-party-3
• I would like to raise a glass to your youthful vigor and vitality but, as the great John Glenn once said, “There’s still no cure for the common birthday.”
• Wishing you a Happy Happy Birthday my friend! I’m so blessed to have such a big-hearted, friendly, uplifting, and thoughtful fellow like you in my life.
• You are one of the greatest people I look up to. Thanks for being my inspiration and my friend. Cheers on your birthday!
• I would like to offer a toast to the most handsome, loving, and kind-hearted gentleman in my life – my dearest husband! Happy Birthday my Love! I love you so much!
• Amazing achievements deserve amazing awards. You’ve won many battles and now it’s time to reap your rewards. Today, just relax and enjoy the fruit of your labor for you deserve it! Happy Birthday!
Have you read all birthday toasts above? We hope that these beautiful birthday toasts satisfy your need? If you like them, feel free to pick a birthday toast. Thanks for visiting our page and have a nice day!