The Collection of Interesting Birthday Toasts to Make Everybody Excited


Birthday is special because it just happens once a year, so every person looks forward to birthday. Birthday is special as we can get gifts, wishes from our family, friends, and lover. And we also love hearing interesting birthday toasts at the party. So are you finding some birthday toasts to speak at birthday party? Don’t worry! We would like to give you our collection of interesting birthday toasts that can make everybody excited.
• Fear not as you age, it’s just a number. It can only be as significant as you wish it to be. Happy Birthday!
• Cheers to the birthday celebrant! Be not afraid of aging. It only proves how long you have lived on this world and how much you have done to help make this world a better place.
• Today, you have earned something no one can ever take away from you. The greys in your hair and the wrinkles on your face show how much you’ve worked for it. Happy Birthday!
• Cheers to the person who best embodies the qualities of a warrior and survivor. You have surpassed every challenge in your life with great faith and courage one could ever have. I couldn’t have done the same thing, I’m so glad you did. Stay as strong as you are. Happy Birthday!The Collection of Interesting Birthday Toasts to Make Everybody Excited 1
• Keep shining as one of the brightest stars you have always been in our lives. Cheers Shining Star and Happy Birthday!
• Greetings to you. No matter how old you may be, you still look younger than your real age.
• Our deep friendship is one of the good reasons why I still wake up with a smile on my face and a happy heart. We may not be born in one bloodline but we do have a bond that is proven by time. Happy Birthday Dearest!
• Cheers to the star of this evening! I believe I drank so many times for your health that I have ravaged my own.
• Here’s to aging gracefully! I never believed that it’s possible until I met you. I’ve never known someone with such an effortless beauty as you in our age. Happy Birthday!
• As you go forth from this birthday, remember always that if you cannot be with the one you love, love the wine you’re with. Don’t be angry, don’t be sad — just love the wine you’re with.The Collection of Interesting Birthday Toasts to Make Everybody Excited 2
• May your voyage through life be as happy and free as the dancing waves of the deep blue sea…and may you ride the crest of these waves the rest of your days. Happy birthday!
• Happy birthday! May you stay much too young at heart to ever be old in my eyes.
• To one of the most secretive people I’ve ever known. You surely had us fooled with your real age. Anyway, Happy Birthday!
• Another year has been added to your life. As you look back the recent pages of your life, take comfort and pride in your achievements. Today, take time to relax and enjoy your day because you deserve it! Happy Birthday!
• Cheers to one of the greatest achievers I’ve ever met! You’re such an amazing person for you have made it through every challenge that came to your life. You’ve been such a great inspiration to people like me. Happy Birthday!The Collection of Interesting Birthday Toasts to Make Everybody Excited 3
• So what if you’re another year older. Think of it this way: Technically, at this very moment, you’re not even a day older than yesterday, so cheers to your birthday and the best days of your life yet to come!
• May your past be dim, may your future be bright and may today be the light that guides you. Happy birthday!
• May you have the hindsight to dwell only on the best moments, the foresight to live in the moment and the insight to see beauty in every moment. Happy birthday!
• Happy birthday! May you live to wholeheartedly follow your bliss, and follow your bliss to live wholeheartedly.
• Happy birthday. May you always walk on a path lined with happy moments at every bend and a destination filled with love, peace and fulfillment.
• May the doctor never earn even a cent from you. To your good health! Happy birthday!
Have you read all our collection of interesting birthday toasts above? We hope that these birthday toasts can satisfy your need. Thanks for choosing our page to find birthday!