The Collection of Unique Birthday Wishes to Surprise Your Sister on Her Birthday


The bond between you and your sister is so wonderful and nothing can break it. You are so lucky when you have a sister who can share with you all unforgettable childhood memories, sadness and happiness in your life. You always want to find a chance tell her how much you appreciate and love her. So her birthday is a good chance for you, you can send unique birthday wishes for sister to show your love to her and make her surprised. Here you can find the collection of unique birthday wishes for sister that you need.
• There are only three solutions to the deepest troubles of life: music, chocolates and sisters! Wishing you the very best for many years to come. Happy Birthday.
• Sis, you are perfect in so many ways. You are special in every sense of the word. You are simply the best. I guess you take after me. Happy birthday from your perfect (brother, sister)!
• There are only three solutions to the deepest troubles of life: music, chocolates and sisters! Wishing you the very best for many years to come. Happy Birthday.
• A sis like you is hard to find. You are the best sister ever. You are the greatest gift in my life. Happy birthday, dear sis!the-collection-of-unique-birthday-wishes-to-surprise-your-sister-on-her-birthday-1
• Like a bird that swoops down from the sky to rescue its little one, you have come into my life from wherever you are in my times of need. What could be a greater evidence of our bond? Happy Birthday sister. I wish you the very best in life.
• I have shared so many things with you…my ups, my downs, my admiration, my jealously, my joy, my pain, but my love for you is still the greatest thing I share with you. I love you, sis! Let’s share your special day together!
• The best part of waking up in the morning every day is to see you in the bed next to me and know from the bottom of my heart that there is someone who will catch me if I ever fall. Happy Birthday dear sister. You mean the world to me.the-collection-of-unique-birthday-wishes-to-surprise-your-sister-on-her-birthday-2
• A sister shares your birthday and you share hers and that makes everybody happy. Happy Birthday.
• For your birthday, I want to make you smile the way you always help me smile. Happy Birthday.
• A sister knows how to love. Today I want to give you some of it back. Happy Birthday.
• Thanks for being the soundtrack on my reality show. Happy Birthday Sis.
• Happy Birthday to the sister that never told on me. You didn’t did you?
• For your birthday, please accept a loving birthday wish from me: I love you and only want you to enjoy the best life has to offer. I only have the sweetest sister birthday wishes for my sweet sister!the-collection-of-unique-birthday-wishes-to-surprise-your-sister-on-her-birthday-3
• You’ve been the gem of our eyes, the star of our lives, the hope of our future and the relief of our souls. You, my dear sister, are the family’s darling. We love you. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday today.
• If I could have another chance to choose my sister, I would choose you every single time because I love you so much.
• Happy birthday, sis! I thought of getting you a gift but I couldn’t find one that would be good enough for you. There are no gifts or cards that could even come close to the love you have given me all my life.
• If I had the money I would have hired a plane, flown into the skies above and written in the clouds ‘Happy Birthday Sister’. But since I’m not so well off yet, please accept my genuine and humble wishes. Happy Birthday sister.
If you like these unique birthday wishes for sister, feel free to pick one to send to your sister. We believe that she will be very happy and surprised when she know you always love an appreciate her.