Wonderful Birthday Poems to Write for Your Beloved Grandfather


Poems are a great way of expressing feelings. They convey words with a rhythm that are hard to forget and this makes the same words create a deeper impact on the reader’s emotions than prose on the same subject. This is why poetry has been the choice of expression for lovers, philosophers and several great thinkers over the centuries. You could write the birthday poems for grandfather to make him feel special and blessed by having a grandchild who loves him so much. We would like to present you many wonderful birthday poems for grandfather that we have collected.

Poem 1
Happy Birthday to you!
Let this day bring much joy
for you surely deserve it.
Sit back and enjoy!

Another year older
but wiser you grow.
There isn’t much more
that you don’t already know

The memories we’ve shared
will stay forever in heart.
The memories in the future
have yet to take part.

Such a big part you are
in so many lives.
Without you here
it would be hard to survive.

So sit back and relax
for now that you see
how important you are
to so many, and me.Wonderful Birthday Poems to Write for Your Beloved Grandfather 1
Poem 2

Precious Grandfather

Precious grandfather, I love you so much,
You kiss my forehead, comforting touch.
Whenever you see me, your eyes glow and shine,
You’ve age gracefully, like a bottle of wine.

I’m very sad, when there’s not enough time,
Being away from you, my heart feels a crime.
You are always in my thoughts and my mind,
Filled with wisdom, to people you’re kind.

Oh precious grandfather, just wish to say,
Whenever I see you, you brighten my day.
Looking forward – to the moments we’ll share,
Forever your granddaughter, I always be there.Wonderful Birthday Poems to Write for Your Beloved Grandfather 2
Poem 3
The most comforting feeling in the world
Is when I hold your wrinkled hand
The most loving feeling in the world
Is when, in your lap my head lands
The most emotional feeling in the world
Is when you give me a peck on the cheek
The loveliest feeling in the world
Is when you give me the answers in life I seek
The most mature feeling in the world
Is when you share your wisdom and views
The warmest feeling in the world
Is knowing that I have a grandpa like you
Happy birthdayWonderful Birthday Poems to Write for Your Beloved Grandfather 3
Poem 4
You always have time to listen
when everyone else is busy.
Your wisdom seems to put
my mind at ease;
You know what I’m going through
because you’ve been there before;
I love the talks an stories of the places
you’ve been and things you’ve seen;
You make me slow down and see the world
for what it really is.
This is my chance to tell you how much
I love you. Wonderful Birthday Poems to Write for Your Beloved Grandfather 4
Poem 5
My weekends would be boring
Without your company
My holidays would be pathetic
If you didn’t spend time with me
My summer breaks would be unexciting
If I didn’t visit your place
My vacations would be meaningless
If I didn’t see your loving face
Now can you see how much I love you
And how fond of you I am
Gramps, without you
My life would have been a sham
Happy birthday
We hope that you will like these wonderful birthday poems for grandfather. You are welcome to choose the one you like best to send to your beloved grandma. Thanks for choosing our page to find birthday poems for grandfather!