Beautiful and Thoughtful Birthday Quotes That Can Send All Your Love to Dad


The bond between a father and child are ever lasting and even words cannot express the love completely. No matter how old you are, he always considers you as his little son/princess. And your father’s birthday is a very important date. So how to show your love to your father on his birthday, are you looking for some birthday quotes for Dad to send him? We would like to introduce to you some beautiful and thoughtful birthday quotes for Dad that we have gathered. We believe that these birthday quotes for Dad can make your Dad touched and happy.
• Your soul is pure, your heart is priceless, and your wisdom is astounding. Happy birthday, Dad!
• Growing up, you taught me to laugh, I hope you laugh on your special day.
• Dad, you are my hero, my role model, the man who I look up, to and dream to become. Happy birthday, Dad!
• No man in this world could have been a better father to me than you were. Happy birthday, Dad!
• Another great year of having the greatest papa in the world to spend time with. Happy birthday, Dad!
• No words can ever take the place of the feelings of my heart for you, hope your day is joyful.
• I will always be your little girl, have a day worth cherishing. Beautiful and Thoughtful Birthday Quotes That Can Send All Your Love to Dad 1
• My wishes all came true, all because of a papa like you. Happy birthday, Dad!
• There may be many great fathers, but there is only one amazing one, you!
• The older you get, the smellier you get, happy birthday old fart! Daddy, you deserve a wish that can win you the stars.
• Dad… like the shade of a tree, you’re my life’s canopy. Happy birthday.
• The tears in my eyes are making me take a while, to tell you how much you have made me smile. Happy birthday dad.
• Happy birthday to the adorable dad who will loosen his pockets and tighten his hugs for me just with a small tug. Happy birthday dad.
• Today is the right time for me to say, how grateful I am to you for always showing me the way. Happy birthday dad.Beautiful and Thoughtful Birthday Quotes That Can Send All Your Love to Dad 2
• No gift can ever match the gift of love and affection you have given me all these years. Happy birthday dad.
• From teaching me how to hold a fork, to avoid being a dork. From teaching me how to behave, to being cool and suave. From teaching me how to keep my conscience clear, to living a life without fear… – I owe it all to you, dad. Happy birthday.
• Dear dad, I am your princess and you are my million colors of happiness. Happy birthday.
• Thought I’d taking you golfing on your big day, since that’s what old people do.
• Thanks for always loving me, pops. Missing you on this day and every day after.
• Nothing better than seeing the best dad in the world having a big laugh.
• Your big day is far more special than mine could ever be, papa.
• I may have been tough, but you were always tougher. Don’t soften up now! Beautiful and Thoughtful Birthday Quotes That Can Send All Your Love to Dad 3
• I wait a long 364 days to finally get to this special day!
• With the joy I see on your face, it’s a shame not every day is your day to celebrate.
• Before you know it, we will have to buy a bigger cake to fit all of the candles.
• I learned a lot from you Dad. And yet I have never been arrested. Happy Birthday.
• Dad, you are not only a special breed but obviously a special breeder to have a child as wonderful as me. Happy Birthday.
• It’s only words, and words are all I have to give you on this day. It’s only words, and words are all you’ll get, till you keep my credit card away. Happy birthday.
• I wanted to get you the biggest throne in the world. But, there isn’t a throne suitable enough for a king like you. So, here are many unique and sincere wishes. Happy day of your birth.
Your Dad will become the happiest dad in the world when he receives these beautiful and thoughtful birthday quotes for dad from you. Let’s choose birthday quotes for dad and use it to show your love to Dad!