The Collection of Deep and Heartfelt Birthday Quotes for Father


When thinking of your dad’s birthday, what can you give him for his love? You know nothing can be enough for giving him to thank for his love. We think that you can present him your love in best words such as birthday quotes for father. These are part of our collection and today we would like to share with you all these deep and heartfelt birthday quotes for father to share with your loving father on the special day of his birth. We ensure that your father will definitely be surprised for your love to him.
• Although I can’t wish you a happy birthday in person; I will spend the whole day with happy thoughts of you.
• You are my true friend. You were always with me, you supported me, you boosted me up when I was down. Thanks for being such a friend of mine. Happy birthday.
• Let your all the dreams to be on fire and light your birthday candles with that. Have a gorgeous birthday.
• All those years you helped me face every hurdle, every disappointment and every struggle that lied ahead by standing by me and supplying me with all the strength I needed in order to climb the great mountain called life. Happy Birthday and thank you for everything!
• You’re the biggest celebrity of my life. I’m your fan, I have photographs of you in my office and at home, whenever I’m in trouble I think of you and you’re worthy of winning every single award in the word which says “Best Dad of the Year”. Love you dad. Happy Birthday!The Collection of Deep and Heartfelt Birthday Quotes for Father 1
• To the best dad in the world, thank you for being there for me. For urging me to be better and fight harder. I wouldn’t be who I am without your kind words and wise guidance. Happy birthday, Dad!
• Happy birthday to the man who taught me everything I know. I am so honored to share in your wisdom. I love you!
• They say that we learn from the ones who love us most. I am thankful to have been loved by you, for you have helped me to become the person I am today. Happy birthday, Dad!
• Dad, you’re the greatest. It’s not just because you’re there for me through good times and bad. It’s also because you make the bad times good with your amazing love and support. Happy birthday!
• The older I get, the more I realize that a Dad like you is as rare as a desert rose — and just as beautiful. I’m so grateful you’re my Dad. Happy birthday to the best father anywhere.The Collection of Deep and Heartfelt Birthday Quotes for Father 2
• Personally, I like to celebrate Father’s Day twice a year — once on Father’s Day and once more on my father’s day, your birthday. And, Dad, you deserve it for being the best father ever. Happy birthday, Daddy.
• As I learn more and more, I realize that you have always known more. Thanks for letting me learn it on my own. Happy Birthday.
• I wanted to get you a really nice birthday present, but I wasn’t sure if you could afford it. Happy Birthday.
• Your money has been better spent on me than vacations at the beach – so plan on staying home again this year. Happy Birthday.
• Even though I got my good looks from you, you seem to still look good. Happy Birthday.
• I put some money in a birthday card for you, but I am going to need it back after you open it. Happy Birthday.
• I am so glad that you are my dad and that I wasn’t switched at birth. I wasn’t was I? Happy Birthday.The Collection of Deep and Heartfelt Birthday Quotes for Father 3
• You showed me that boys can be good and that men should be great. Happy Birthday.
• When I am your age, I hope that you will be the World’s Best Grandfather. Happy Birthday.
• You are not only a special breed but obviously a special breeder to have a child as wonderful as me. Happy Birthday.
• Love is a powerful force and your love for me has always made me feel safe and happy. Happy Birthday.
• I always felt loved when you hugged me and that everything was perfect when you were around. Happy Birthday.
• Happy Birthday & thanks for always making me feel like the most important thing in the world to you.
• May your birthday and the years ahead be filled with love and grace. Happy Birthday Daddy.
We hope that these deep and heartfelt birthday quotes for father can satisfy your need. You are welcomed to pick the birthday quote for father you like best to send to your loving father.