Great and Thoughtful Birthday Wishes That Can Make Your Son Surprised


Having a son is a great blessing. The father feels like he has his successor in the life. The mother feels she has a little one reminds her with her husband. So when our son’s birthday approaching, we should be ready to tell him how much we are proud of him and need to see him having a great future. Your son needs to be encouraged to go in his life with love given by all. So don’t hesitate to send great and thoughtful birthday wishes for son to let him know the love and pride that you feel for being his parent. Now you can have a look at these great and thoughtful birthday wishes for son below.
• You were always our little candle in the life that lights up our way to the future. Happy birthday, cutie.
• Happy birthday to the child that will be the best man in the future. Your parents had the honor since they had you. Happy birthday, my son.
• Happy birthday to the sweetest little hero in the world. I love you, honey.
• Happy birthday to the little Spiderman who was always climbing things up. Remember, don’t climb your balloons today!
• Oh, you are getting taller. Last year, you have reached my leg, now you are close to talking to me without lifting your head. Happy birthday to the big kid.Great and Thoughtful Birthday Wishes That Can Make Your Son Surprised 1
• (For a married son) I hope your son grows up fast to give you the pride as you did to me. Happy birthday to my lovely son.
• (1st birthday) Save these words here to see them when you grow up. I’m so happy I have found my seed in the life to see my picture since the birth. I love you, sweetie. Happy first birthday.
• (For elder son) You were always acting as a support for your brothers. You were the first happiness in this home. Happy birthday, my handsome son.
• I will say happy birthday after changing your diaper. Oh, you are not a kid anymore. Happy birthday, honey.
• Although you have dropped us in many troubles with neighbors, but you are and will be always our sweet kid. Happy birthday to you.
• More than the wealth you will accumulate over the years, put more importance on the love you will inspire as you grow older and more mature. Happy Birthday!Great and Thoughtful Birthday Wishes That Can Make Your Son Surprised 2
• A kind-hearted young man will always be looked at with favor not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of his fellow men. We are proud to be parents of this young man. Happy Birthday!
• Would it be too self-serving if we say that you are the most handsome, the kindest and the most lovable person in this planet? But even if that is true, that won’t stop us from praising you. Happy Birthday!
• We always pray that God will grant you not only the riches in the world but more importantly the riches n your soul and in your heart. Happy Birthday Son!
• If there is one wish that we want for you then it would be good health at all times. You can always work hard for the money but always put a premium on health. Happy Birthday!
• Only a few parents are privileged to be blessed with a gifted son like you. Happy birthday to the best son in the whole wide world!Great and Thoughtful Birthday Wishes That Can Make Your Son Surprised 3
• Our Son is a part of us, we never could. Our Son loves us so much, he never should. On his birthday, I pray for his health and boon! May he bring us a daughter-in-law very soon.
• No cheesy lines, No stupid vines. On your birthday, a heartfelt Thank you, for being just mines. Happy Birthday Son.
• You are my sunshine. I love you so much. Happy greetings to you! Happy Birthday my son!!!
• We love you and wish for you the happiest of days and a bright, healthy future.
• Son, I am happy to say that I see a little more of me in you in every single day. Happy birthday, my little boy!
We hope that these great and thoughtful birthday wishes for son can help you say “ Happy birthday” to our son in a meaningful way. He will be very happy and touched when he receives these birthday wishes for son from you.