Lovely and Meaningful Birthday Wishes to Make Your Beloved Son Happy


It is a wonderful to watch your son grow, to see your son slowly turning into the man. The father feels like he has his successor in the life while the mother feels she has a little one reminds her with her husband. So if your loving son’s birthday is coming, let’s choose the lovely and meaningful birthday wishes for son to send him! You should let him know how much you love him and you are proud of him. In our page, you can find several lovely and meaningful birthday wishes for son that can mae your beloved son happy.

  • The day that you came to the life was so wonderful day. It is the best day in our life. Happy birthday, my son.
  • Son, grow up fast more than normal. I need your help. Happy birthday.
  • Let’s celebrate. It is the day of our lovely child. Happy birthday, baby.
  • The only one that I ask Allah to be better than me is you. Happy birthday, son.
  • I live in the life for only one purpose. Do you know what’s that? I live only for you and for making a good person from you. Happy birthday to you, baby.
  • All over my life, I tried to plant love, goodness and work inside you for those who really need your help. Those people, be beside them. If you do that, the god will be beside you. Happy birthday to you.Lovely and Meaningful Birthday Wishes to Make Your Beloved Son Happy 1
  • All over my life I tried to plant hating evil and going away from it into you. Be with god and everything will be with you. Happy birthday to you.
  • My son, you came to this life for something. Don’t leave without knowing it and working hard for it. Happy birthday, my lovely son.
  • Sending you lots of little kisses to fit your cute face. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  • Your birthday reminds me when we dressed you a girl dress. This makes me laugh. Oh, don’t be sad. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  • Take your balloon and write your name and your mother’s on it. Don’t forget to type : I love you, mommy. Happy birthday.
  • Call your father to tell him that coming earlier is good for your son’s birthday. Let’s celebrate, baby. Happy birthday, cutie.Lovely and Meaningful Birthday Wishes to Make Your Beloved Son Happy 2
  • My cake to you will have your name decorated with chocolate and cream. It will be good for you and you may ask for more. Happy birthday, my child.
  • I will choose a cute girl to marry her, but this will be after giving me my cake. Happy birthday, cute son.
  • A fine young man like you could only have been raised by responsible parents. But while we do not claim to be the perfect parents, we are at least assured that we raised you right. Happy Birthday!
  • My heart is always filled with joy when I look at you Son and I see a charming man. I know you will be a great father someday! Happy Birthday!
  • If there is one thing that your birthday has made me realize, it is the fact that I am indeed not getting any younger. But no regret because I see a fine young man, and that makes getting old a lot more comfortable. Happy Birthday!
  • Lucky are those who have a son who will be strong for them when they become frail and unable to drive themselves to the park someday. I am not imposing son, but just giving you a hint. Happy Birthday!Lovely and Meaningful Birthday Wishes to Make Your Beloved Son Happy 3
  • Wherever life takes you, whatever the goals that you endeavour, I will always be so proud of you! Happy Birthday, my son!
  • Every day you find a way to bring a smile to my face. Hope your birthday brings a smile to yours!
  • A wonderful person always has a wonderful life. And so will you. Have a fun-filled day, dear!
  • Honest, successful and handsome are just a few adjectives I use to describe my darling son. This is your special day and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest!
  • I often count the blessings of my life. You are the best blessing I have ever received. I am the happiest mother in the world. Happy Birthday.

We hope that these lovely and meaningful birthday wishes for son can help you say “ Happy birthday” to our son in a special way. He will be very happy and touched when he receives these birthday wishes for son from you.