Nice and Heartfelt Birthday Wishes That Can Make Your Son Happy on His Birthday


Sometimes you are so busy and don’t have time to share love to your son. So birthday is an occasion to do that. Besides giving him a present, you should write birthday wishes for son to make him surprised. Are you finding some nice birthday wishes for son to send to your son on his birthday? In our page you can find several nice and heartfelt birthday wishes for son that will suit perfectly for his birthday. And all you will have to do is choose the one you like most and send it to him.
• You changed the world as soon as you entered in. Time flies so fast you have become a lot stronger and bigger but you will always be my baby.
• I am so thankful for another year to spend with you. You will always be our little angel. Happy Birthday my darling boy!
• I cannot find the exact words to tell you that we are so proud of what you have become through the years! Happy greetings to you on your birthday, my darling son!
• No cheesy lines, No stupid vines. On your birthday, a heartfelt Thank you, for being just mine. Happy Birthday Son.
• My baby boy is a whole year older! We’re so excited to watch you grow!Nice and Heartfelt Birthday Wishes That Can Make Your Son Happy on His Birthday 1
• A special message from mom and dad: We are so thankful that God gave us a boy like you. We love you!
• I am glad to have a son who shines even brighter than the sun. Here is a little ‘Happy Birthday’ from his mother.
• A day never goes by that you are not thought about with love, smile and happy memories. Wishing you joy and happiness all year through!
• A son’s Birthday in which his parents can raise a toast to his happiness is an experience that many parents desperately wait for but never get. Today on your Birthday, as we raise a toast to you, we feel like we’ve accomplished everything in life. Happy Birthday son!
• It is said that parents are life’s best teachers. Watching you grow up has been a tremendous learning experience for us too! You have been a loving child and taught us how to be good parents. Happy Birthday to you son. May you have glowing years ahead.Nice and Heartfelt Birthday Wishes That Can Make Your Son Happy on His Birthday 2
• From the day you were born we knew that you’d be the most ideal son ever. You were always special and you always will be. Happy Birthday dear son.
• May you be blessed with everything in life you always wanted. May the angels of the heavens always look over your well being. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
• Son, you are a shining example of everything that’s right in this world. May your future be as bright, starting with your special day. Happy birthday!
• Son, you’re our greatest blessing. May your birthday and all your tomorrows be blessed with everything good in life!
• The jigsaw puzzle of my life is held together by glue which is your mom and is completed by the most important piece which is you. Happy birthday my boy.
• Time flies so fast you have become a lot bigger and a lot stronger. But no matter how big or strong you become, you will always be my baby. But since it’s your birthday, I will try not to be too showy with my affection. Happy Birthday!Nice and Heartfelt Birthday Wishes That Can Make Your Son Happy on His Birthday 3
• To my son who is radiant, reliable, radical, rational, reasonable, realistic, reflective and resilient – Happy birthday.
• We are old school so we will hug you on your birthday instead of pressing the like button on your Facebook and we will sing you Happy Birthday instead of retweeting your birthday tweets on Twitter. Happy birthday dear son.
• We knew that our message would be lost among the heaps of birthday wishes you would get on Facebook. So here’s a plain, old, reliable handmade card from your plain, old, reliable parents. Happy birthday.
• We’ve always been proud of you. Now more than ever, our hearts are bursting with pride, because you’ve grown into a remarkable person — so full of love, caring and joy. Happy birthday, dear, dear boy!
• When we think of you, we can’t help but feel immense pride, joy and, most of all, love. Happy birthday, dear boy!
• Wisdom is not a gift we can give you, son. It’s something you must earn – and you’ve become so wise over the years. Happy birthday, our wise, kind man!
Have you read all these nice and heartfelt birthday wishes for son above? Let’s choose a birthday wish for son to send him! We believe that these birthday wishes for son can help you express what you want to say.